Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update and stuff

First of all, thanks to Stephanie and everyone who commented on the previous post!!! Very interesting to read everyone's thoughts. I still haven't made my mind up about it, and my biggest concern is probably that it might put existing donors off... although I also thing that if you've made such a noble decision something like that won't let you change your mind. And like a few people said, it might reach a previously un-reached market. Watch this space for some awesome new posters the ODF here in SA have come up with!!!

This week was not one of my best, went to the gynae on Wednesday and anxiously waiting on some results. Which is also causing some insomnia (although that could also be the Prograf... seeing as Prograf is the cause of ALL side-effects I have... the relationship between me and Prograf is the ultimate love-hate one. It has kept my lungs from having any rejection, but at the same time it causes the diabetes, insomnia, funny-cold-hand-and-foot feelings etc.) So that's why I'm up at this COLD hour blogging.

Speaking of cold, it's been LITERALLY freezing lately. For a coastal girl like me to find her windscreen frozen solid in the mornings is quite strange!!! (Although I was in JHB as well last winter, I wasn't working yet, so only went out of the house once it had warmed up!) Yesterday morning I came to the car to be greeted by what you see on the pics. Turned the heater in the car on full blast, but it didn't do a thing. Ended up taking my medical aid card lying in the car "in case of emergency" to scratch off some of the ice. By the time I could see through it, I hit peak traffic... frustrating experience. Monday morning I'm taking a jug of warm water down with me!!!

Tonight is -2 degrees C, so I might skip my training outside in the morning and rather do gym and squash with Chris!! Will see if I manage to fall asleep again too I suppose. Went out to see a movie with another couple last night, saw the Hangover, which was the stupid comedy relief I needed I suppose. Can't WAIT for my Sister's Keeper to start on the 14th of August though!!!

That's pretty much all for now, will update if I get any news... Patience is NOT my best virtue...

Monday, June 22, 2009

17 and 2 months!!!

Today I celebrate 17 glorious months with the new lungs and it's also exactly 2 months till the WTG!!!! Had bloods done this morning and seeing my Dr somewhere in the week as well, as my medical reports have to be in on the 1st of July... training's going OK, and now I just have to stay healthy!!! No colds or flu, as the Ozzies will prob assume it's swine flu :-( So I'm pumping the Vit C and avoiding sick people even more than normally...

Oh and one of my facebook friends Meghann got her lungs yesterday/today (not sure with the time difference!)!!! Very excited for her, and if all works out nicely I'll be seeing her at the next WTG in Switzerland :-) Now if only someone in SA could get lungs again... there's been NO double lung transplants so far this year... shocking and sad...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Almost weekend again, yay!!!

What a disjointed week with Tuesday being a public holiday! For some reason Wednesday and Thurs felt really long... But Friday's here at last :-) My dad's going home today for 3 weeks, so it's Home Alone! Although time flies by so fast I usually start noticing he's in PE when he's on his way back!

Tuesday was cool though, the highlight being having lunch with Aviva!!! Haven't een her in ages, so was really great catching up! My dad also made me and Chris some awesome steak and I FINALLY won a Monopoly game, although maybe not so legitemately...

Tomorrow evening we're having supper with Gideon and Marlize who's wedding we went to in April! Looking forward to it! Still can't believe my friend is married!!!

Been good about gymming this week... the new calf exercises are WORKING I assume, as they are so stiff the next day!!! Had a crap dream last night though... dreamt that the organisers wanted to test how prepared we are, and I failed! Had to walk 2km on the treadmill, and was walking relaxingly... untill I realised they're actually testing us! So started walking fast then, but it was too late :-( So I got kicked off the team... speaking of Aus... my Visa application is in! Think when I get my passport back with the visa in there it'll feel more real!

Anyway, have a great weekend, I know I will!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vosloo Family Reunion

The weekend went by so fast!!! Was great though, and Tuesday is a public holiday, so that makes the fact that tomorrow's Monday a lot better!!! Saturday morning was training, and was pretty rough. Legs rather sore today! My shins get really sore when I walk fast, and my coach says it's because my calve muscles are weak (so tactful...), so I got some exercises that I have to do every day. Hope it works!!!

After the training it was off to Pretoria!! The big lunch happened to be at the same estate where the photoshoot for the Pulse magazine was!! It was at my dad's cousin's home. Very nice place with horses and everything! Chris and I spend the evening at one of my cousin's house, which was very cool. Ended up playing Monopoly untill just after midnight! Had a very nice breakfast this morning, followed by a big Suday lunch at my uncle's place. The food was GREAT... leg of lamb, veggies, garlic bread, potato bake, etc. And custard with warm pudding for desert. Ate way too much, but played squash with Chris early this evening so feeling better. (although it didn't feel so great while playing!!! )

Getting ready for the week now. Because Tuesday is Youth Day we're supposed to wear our old school tie to work tomorrow... but mine is in PE :-( Unfortunately they didn't give us enough warning! So wearing one of my dad's ties... Going to Chris tomorrow evening, and going to be pretty busy on Tuesday! But will update all about that later. Have a great week!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It’s (almost) the weekend baby!!!!

Almost the end of the week, yay!!!! Been a very busy but cool one. Going to Chris tonight, training tomorrow morning, picking up my VISA application for AUS, then it’s off to the family reunion in Pretoria!!! Looking forward to seeing my cousin from Bloem that I haven’t seen for a while!! Will be taking pics!!!!

That’s all for now, shirt and sweet. Have a good one!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stuff happening...

Can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post! Time seriously flies! Been back at gym since last Thursday. Started off slowly, and went to training on Saturday, which was OK. Gymmed on Sunday and Monday, so hopefully almost back to where I was before the cold. Cold completely gone now, apart from the occational sneeze or snottyness. Rest of the weekend was relaxing. Watched DVD, took Chris for lunch at a cool bakery type place he's never been to, ate lots of Avo on toast etc.

Went to our monthly Organ Donor Working Comittee Meeting tonight, which was cool. Tomorrow night it's date-night and Chris and I are going for supper and a movie. Thursday night is gym and Cell. And this weekend it's training and there's one big FAMILY REUNION happening in Pretoria so we'll be there most of the time. NICE AND BUSY!!!!

On my way to bed now after finishing my hot chocolate... it's seriously cold lately, today's max temp was 13 degrees C... BBBBRRRRRR!!!!! But that's what electric blankets are for... And it means I'll HAVE to go shopping sometime for more winter work clothes :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Magazine article!!!

So the magazine that I did the photoshoot for 2-3 months back is out!!! Very happy with it, and all the pics look great. Took pics of all the pages (got my camera back!!!)...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in the rat race!!!

Cold is mostly over (in under a week... good going!), nose still snotty but that'll take a while to completely go away. At least it's not like blocked. Unfortunately I passed on my bug to Chris :-( So he's been off sick at home today! At least I don't think he can give me my own bug back?? I'm assuming I'm immune to it now. Oh well, will try to avoid him for a day or 2 :-(

Don't have much other news... work is going well, started studying for my next exam (and planning to a a bit more of that tonight...). Not back at gym yet, playing it safe, but hopefully over the weekend...