Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stuff happening...

Can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post! Time seriously flies! Been back at gym since last Thursday. Started off slowly, and went to training on Saturday, which was OK. Gymmed on Sunday and Monday, so hopefully almost back to where I was before the cold. Cold completely gone now, apart from the occational sneeze or snottyness. Rest of the weekend was relaxing. Watched DVD, took Chris for lunch at a cool bakery type place he's never been to, ate lots of Avo on toast etc.

Went to our monthly Organ Donor Working Comittee Meeting tonight, which was cool. Tomorrow night it's date-night and Chris and I are going for supper and a movie. Thursday night is gym and Cell. And this weekend it's training and there's one big FAMILY REUNION happening in Pretoria so we'll be there most of the time. NICE AND BUSY!!!!

On my way to bed now after finishing my hot chocolate... it's seriously cold lately, today's max temp was 13 degrees C... BBBBRRRRRR!!!!! But that's what electric blankets are for... And it means I'll HAVE to go shopping sometime for more winter work clothes :-)


Jac said...

Tomorrow max temp is predicted as 11c - and it's meant to be summer!!

Alice said...

Wow that's crazy!! I would die if that's supposed to be summer... Been to the UK in July though and it was low 20's, which was ok at least!