Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update and stuff

First of all, thanks to Stephanie and everyone who commented on the previous post!!! Very interesting to read everyone's thoughts. I still haven't made my mind up about it, and my biggest concern is probably that it might put existing donors off... although I also thing that if you've made such a noble decision something like that won't let you change your mind. And like a few people said, it might reach a previously un-reached market. Watch this space for some awesome new posters the ODF here in SA have come up with!!!

This week was not one of my best, went to the gynae on Wednesday and anxiously waiting on some results. Which is also causing some insomnia (although that could also be the Prograf... seeing as Prograf is the cause of ALL side-effects I have... the relationship between me and Prograf is the ultimate love-hate one. It has kept my lungs from having any rejection, but at the same time it causes the diabetes, insomnia, funny-cold-hand-and-foot feelings etc.) So that's why I'm up at this COLD hour blogging.

Speaking of cold, it's been LITERALLY freezing lately. For a coastal girl like me to find her windscreen frozen solid in the mornings is quite strange!!! (Although I was in JHB as well last winter, I wasn't working yet, so only went out of the house once it had warmed up!) Yesterday morning I came to the car to be greeted by what you see on the pics. Turned the heater in the car on full blast, but it didn't do a thing. Ended up taking my medical aid card lying in the car "in case of emergency" to scratch off some of the ice. By the time I could see through it, I hit peak traffic... frustrating experience. Monday morning I'm taking a jug of warm water down with me!!!

Tonight is -2 degrees C, so I might skip my training outside in the morning and rather do gym and squash with Chris!! Will see if I manage to fall asleep again too I suppose. Went out to see a movie with another couple last night, saw the Hangover, which was the stupid comedy relief I needed I suppose. Can't WAIT for my Sister's Keeper to start on the 14th of August though!!!

That's pretty much all for now, will update if I get any news... Patience is NOT my best virtue...


Bree said...

That 'stuff' on your windshield is called FROST love, and occurs when temps dip below 5*C. The phenomenon of 'frost' can be cured by turning on your defroster in your car and letting in run for 5-10 minutes. As well, employing such tools as a 'scraper' work wonders in abolishing frost from your windows.

Your welcome.

Your friend from Canada,

Bree said...

Ok i take all that back. I guess i can't make fun of you seeing as i'm afraid of my Advair Diskus.

Stupid Stuff vs. Stupid Thing. Stupid Everything!

Jennifer said...

So I don't know if you *can* do this where you are (being that I don't know if you're in an apartment, a house, a cardboard box ...) but when it's winter in NC ... I head out to the car 10 minutes before I leave. I turn on my heat and set my wipers on. I go back to my nice and toasty home and wait. When I return, my ice is GONE! It's a miracle. :D

If you choose to use the water method ... make sure that it's not too too warm or you might crack your window. Also go ahead and set your wipers to wipe ... or that water will just freeze to your windshield. :D

Worst case scenario ... and I didn't realize it was so effing cold that I didn't go out early ... I use an ice scraper.

Alice said...

Thanks guys, will try the water thing next time... don't think they even sell "scrapers" in SA...

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