Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in the rat race!!!

Cold is mostly over (in under a week... good going!), nose still snotty but that'll take a while to completely go away. At least it's not like blocked. Unfortunately I passed on my bug to Chris :-( So he's been off sick at home today! At least I don't think he can give me my own bug back?? I'm assuming I'm immune to it now. Oh well, will try to avoid him for a day or 2 :-(

Don't have much other news... work is going well, started studying for my next exam (and planning to a a bit more of that tonight...). Not back at gym yet, playing it safe, but hopefully over the weekend...

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Lucy's mom said...

Great to hear that you are feeling a little better. I just started reading your blog. I also just started my own blog a few weeks ago! My daughter Lucy was diagnosed with CF at 2 weeks old. She is 16 months old now, doing very well and spunky as ever!! I will keep reading your blog and continue to be inspired by your strength in overcoming this disease!

~Lucy's mom