Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vosloo Family Reunion

The weekend went by so fast!!! Was great though, and Tuesday is a public holiday, so that makes the fact that tomorrow's Monday a lot better!!! Saturday morning was training, and was pretty rough. Legs rather sore today! My shins get really sore when I walk fast, and my coach says it's because my calve muscles are weak (so tactful...), so I got some exercises that I have to do every day. Hope it works!!!

After the training it was off to Pretoria!! The big lunch happened to be at the same estate where the photoshoot for the Pulse magazine was!! It was at my dad's cousin's home. Very nice place with horses and everything! Chris and I spend the evening at one of my cousin's house, which was very cool. Ended up playing Monopoly untill just after midnight! Had a very nice breakfast this morning, followed by a big Suday lunch at my uncle's place. The food was GREAT... leg of lamb, veggies, garlic bread, potato bake, etc. And custard with warm pudding for desert. Ate way too much, but played squash with Chris early this evening so feeling better. (although it didn't feel so great while playing!!! )

Getting ready for the week now. Because Tuesday is Youth Day we're supposed to wear our old school tie to work tomorrow... but mine is in PE :-( Unfortunately they didn't give us enough warning! So wearing one of my dad's ties... Going to Chris tomorrow evening, and going to be pretty busy on Tuesday! But will update all about that later. Have a great week!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lyk asof dit baie lekker was! Wens ek kon ook gegaan het!
Mis jou baie!