Friday, June 19, 2009

Almost weekend again, yay!!!

What a disjointed week with Tuesday being a public holiday! For some reason Wednesday and Thurs felt really long... But Friday's here at last :-) My dad's going home today for 3 weeks, so it's Home Alone! Although time flies by so fast I usually start noticing he's in PE when he's on his way back!

Tuesday was cool though, the highlight being having lunch with Aviva!!! Haven't een her in ages, so was really great catching up! My dad also made me and Chris some awesome steak and I FINALLY won a Monopoly game, although maybe not so legitemately...

Tomorrow evening we're having supper with Gideon and Marlize who's wedding we went to in April! Looking forward to it! Still can't believe my friend is married!!!

Been good about gymming this week... the new calf exercises are WORKING I assume, as they are so stiff the next day!!! Had a crap dream last night though... dreamt that the organisers wanted to test how prepared we are, and I failed! Had to walk 2km on the treadmill, and was walking relaxingly... untill I realised they're actually testing us! So started walking fast then, but it was too late :-( So I got kicked off the team... speaking of Aus... my Visa application is in! Think when I get my passport back with the visa in there it'll feel more real!

Anyway, have a great weekend, I know I will!

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