Monday, September 28, 2009

First Afternoon Thunderstorm of the Season...

We've just had our first OFFICIAL afternoon thunderstorm! (We had rain a while back, but it was at night...) While most people love these afternoon thunderstorms (except for what they do to traffic), for me they are a special reminder of my awesome transplant and recovery. It's a summer-thing here, and seeing as summer's when I had my tx, it reminds me of the afternoons in hosp.

My room in Section 7 when I was out of ICU had a big window, and I could set my watch by the afternoon thunderstorms. I used to switch off the TV and just watch the spectacular show in the sky with the window open a bit so I could get the smell too... Luckily this was a very positive time of my life, or I would've had bad memories all summer long, lol! Alomost like all the fires in winter that remind me of the last 2 times when I was up here with my old lungs and the smoggy air made it harder for me to breathe. Yuck.
Of course it also came with hearing ambulance after ambulance arrive at hospital, just like I'm actually hearing right now.
Ok back to the present, tomorrow is a full day of work again, and then I'm working half-day on Wednesday and not at all on Thursday due to study leave... ugh, SOOOO much to get into my head still! Anyway, I guess I should figure out what to have for supper now, take a bath and get back to the books...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chris's birthday :-)

Yesterday was Chris's birthday!!!!!!! He turned 26 on the 26th :-) Happy birthday babe and may the year ahead be the best one EVER!!!! *MWAH*

The past few days have been good... Thursday was Heritage day so we went to Pretoria for the day to see some family, and I met up with my old music teacher from Primary school, who I haven't seen in about 12 years! Was really cool! She named her little girl after me (she called me 6 years ago to tell me), and so I finally got to meet little Alice! She found out about the transplant etc after seeing the article about the WTG in the Pulse magazine! What a small world.

Work went well on Friday, wasn't too busy. On Friday night we celebrated Chris-s housemate's birthday that was on Monday. We went to a Brazilian restaurant which was very cool. Yesterday we just relaxed for Chris's birthday... had a nice breakfast, watched a DVD, I studies while F1 practice was on, and last night we had supper and played 30 seconds with a couple from church. So all in all a great weekend.

This morning I'll be studying again, and Chris is coming over later. It's my mom's last day, so we'll all be having lunch together. Her visit has flown past, even though it was like 10 days!

This week my big goal will be writing my big exam on Friday. It's a lot of studying, so wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

20 months today!

Don't have much to day, just that it's been 20 months of easy breathing today!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

1 month after the Games and mom's visit...

Been a rather busy week, which is why I haven't blogged for a week! My mom arrived on Thursday night, and I decided on the last minute to take Friday afternoon off! So we had lunch, and walked around in the shops a bit. Also had a chance to show my mom all my Aus pics. Very nice. We then went out for supper at a Portugese restaurant. Yesterday we all (her my dad and me) went shopping again, and I used some of the vouchers I got for my birthday! So I basically received some shorts, slip-slops and a pretty skirt for free, yay :-) Lots of fun.

Today us and Chris went for a short hike at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, and a picnic afterwards, which was great. It was pretty busy there as a result of the gorgeous spring weather. Watched Devil Wears Prada (again) this afternoon and just relaxed. It sucks that the weekend is over again so soon, but at least Thursday is national braai day! (Well heritage day actually, but who cares, braai-ing (BBQ) should be celebrated!!!)

Hope your week is well, pray for friends getting lungs PLEASE, they have to at least give ONE person a set of lungs this year.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Blues

It's that time of the week again... Sunday afternoon :-( At least my mom is coming up this week, on Thursday evening, and she's staying for quite a while. And NEXT week has got a public holiday, yay!

I had lunch with Aviva and Jenny on Saturday, which was awesome. They're like my only female friends I have here in Joburg, so was great hanging out with the girls! Chris and I also went to a Karen Zoid performance (female SA rock artist), which was great. Also had a braai last night (just Chris and me), seeing as they weather is getting so nice over here!

Off to church in a while, then quickly popping in to see Jenny and Paul on the way back.

Wish me luck for this week, and have a good one!

P.S. Please pray for my SA friends to get lungs... one of the CF girls are getting married on Saturday. The wedding's been planned more than a year ago, and she though she'd have lungs by now, but she hasn't. In fact they haven't done 1 DOUBLE LUNG transplant this year. And it's September. That's sickening.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Don't have much to report on, but thought it's a good day to have a post! With the date being all cool and that :-)

Have recovered from my jet-lag and gastro experience, adapted back to SA time, pretty much rested I think.... so all's well. Back at gym tomorrow. Would have gone earlier, but had an Organ Donor Foundation meeting yesterday and church cell tonight. Work also caught up :-)

Also writing an exam again on the 2nd of October...

Pretty tired so on my way to bed now... hope you had a good 090909!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

What a week!!!!

It's been crazy back at work, so much to catch up on! Our apartment, or more specifically MY ROOM has been a mess, as we've been hit with spring weather here, so I'm packing away winter stuff and unpacking summer stuff! But every night I've been too tired to finish and have just gone to bed! Thanks goodness the weekend's almost here. Have to do some much needed organising and resting!

I was well on track to being rested out, when a tummy bug or something hit last night (Thai chicken I had for lunch... ggrrrrrr)... On the way home from work I started feeling REALLY nauseous, and by the time I got home I was almost doubling up in pain. Then the vomiting and diarrhoea started :-( It wouldn't stop, so Chris took me to casualty. Felt like I was dying, hadn't felt that bad in AGES. Luckily as soon as they put me on a drip a started feeling better immediately. Bloods and temperature and everything else was fine, so got to go home at just before midnight, on condition that I immediately go back should I vomit again (because it could have some bad consequeces if I couldn't keep my anti-rejection meds down!). Slept until 7:20 this morning and had breakfast all without negative effects, so think I'm good to go :-)

I've forgotten how crap it is to have a drip though! Really hurt going in and was uncomfortable the whole time. How the hell did I always survive 3 WEEKS of it??? What was cool though is that my O2 sats were like 100%. The guy looking after me knew I had had a transplant, but didn't specifically ask WHAT I had transplanted, so think he was rather suprised when I said it was the lungs! Mt sats were never even that good on like 5 liters of O2 a minute :-)

So lets hope the weekend is good! VERY MUCH NEEDED!!!