Friday, September 4, 2009

What a week!!!!

It's been crazy back at work, so much to catch up on! Our apartment, or more specifically MY ROOM has been a mess, as we've been hit with spring weather here, so I'm packing away winter stuff and unpacking summer stuff! But every night I've been too tired to finish and have just gone to bed! Thanks goodness the weekend's almost here. Have to do some much needed organising and resting!

I was well on track to being rested out, when a tummy bug or something hit last night (Thai chicken I had for lunch... ggrrrrrr)... On the way home from work I started feeling REALLY nauseous, and by the time I got home I was almost doubling up in pain. Then the vomiting and diarrhoea started :-( It wouldn't stop, so Chris took me to casualty. Felt like I was dying, hadn't felt that bad in AGES. Luckily as soon as they put me on a drip a started feeling better immediately. Bloods and temperature and everything else was fine, so got to go home at just before midnight, on condition that I immediately go back should I vomit again (because it could have some bad consequeces if I couldn't keep my anti-rejection meds down!). Slept until 7:20 this morning and had breakfast all without negative effects, so think I'm good to go :-)

I've forgotten how crap it is to have a drip though! Really hurt going in and was uncomfortable the whole time. How the hell did I always survive 3 WEEKS of it??? What was cool though is that my O2 sats were like 100%. The guy looking after me knew I had had a transplant, but didn't specifically ask WHAT I had transplanted, so think he was rather suprised when I said it was the lungs! Mt sats were never even that good on like 5 liters of O2 a minute :-)

So lets hope the weekend is good! VERY MUCH NEEDED!!!


Destini said...

Happy Birthday and welcome home! :) Hope this year continues to bring blessing

Kelly said...

Hope you are feeling better now and back at full strength