Monday, March 31, 2008

Manic Monday

This morning started with quite a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with the news that Tricia may have lungs. It was as if I experienced all of the emotions I felt after getting my call all over again! And when the news came that the lungs weren’t suited I was really bummed. But I truly believe that things will work out for them! Hopefully FAST!!! (see ‘Confessions of a CF husband’ under ‘Other cool blogs’…)

Yesterday was also quite busy, my grandparents from Jansenville came to visit, had coffee and scones with a friend, and spent the evening with Anto and Daniel. We just ATE and watched ‘A lot like love’. Today I also spend the afternoon with a friend, Stephne. Was really cool, and she brought me a Cosmo mag and some yummy filter coffee to keep me busy (and awake!) once I’m back in JHB. Also got chocolates and flowers yesterday! Tonight I’m having having a pizza evening at our house, and seeing the rest of the people I havent had time to fit in during my visit! It has been a very socially productive 10 days!

Tomorrow I’m just going to finish up my packing, having lunch with Daniel, having coffee with Karien, his sister, seeing my PE CF-doctor (looking forward to that very much, his been my Dr since I was like 5 years old!) and don’t know what else!!!! Will update again tomorrow. And PLEASE pray that Tricia gets those lungs soon!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Most amazingly awesome and stunning day EVER!!!!

Words cannot actually describe just how awesome my day has been, so I'm not even going to try. It has definitely been one of the best days of my life and everything I had hoped for and more. I was stressing a bit this morning because it was raining, but the further we drove from Port Elizabeth the more it cleared up. Storms River Mouth is almost 2 hours from PE. Had coffee and something to eat at the storms river bridge where we met up with Leandré, our friend from George. (it's about halfway between George and PE). When we got to the river mouth, which is a national park, we went for a 5km hike. Was absolutely amazing! I kept up all the time and have SO MUCH energy! My legs got a bit tired one of two times with all the up-hills, but don't think it was just me! Afterwards we had lunch on the restaurant deck, and then we lazed around on the beach and got into a bit of a sand fight! *sigh* I'm so happy right now! Going to have an early evening tonight!

O yes, my evening out with Daniel turned out to be a surprise party!!!! He blindfolded me and everything! Really didn't expect it! Needless to say it was great! Will post those pics and LOADS more pics of today in the week when I'm back in Joburg with the fast

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sorry, no photo's today!!!

Having a nice and quiet day today… my sister’s busy moving into my room, so I’m sorting out all my stuff. I’ve been in the same room for 21 years, so you can just imagine all the junk that comes out of there. I tend to be very sentimental about stuff! But I’m over a lot of that now, must be the new lungs-new life thing. So we took a huge bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and 4 bags of books and paper for recycling. And threw away boxes of old O2 tubing, old nebulisers that are broken, IV-stuff from as far back as 1995 and other rubbish. (I have a really big room!!!)

Saw one of my friends yesterday afternoon that I haven’t seen in about 2.5 years! Was awesome, he’s a great guy. He did missionary work on the Doulos Ship for 2 years. I can’t believe how time flies! Feels like just a few months ago that he left, although SO MUCH has happened in between… AND, my parents had some friends over for supper. Among them was my previous GP (not that I really have a GP now, just specialists!), who moved to Namibia (neighbouring country) about 10 years ago! Was so cool to see him again!

Going out for a cocktail/drink (I’ll probably be having hot chocolate though) with Daniel this evening, and having some BRAAIVLEIS (see ‘Jansenville’ post!) afterwards! Yummy!!! Speaking of which, I think I’m seriously starting to gain some weight now! When I was going through my wardrobe deciding what I want to keep, a lot of the pants and a skirt didn’t fit anymore!!! Yay!!! Love this gaining weight thing. Don’t know for how long though!!!

AND… going to STORMS RIVER with Daniel, Anto and Andrew tomorrow!!!!!! This is my favourite place in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!! And the MOST beautiful! A friend who works in George, Leandré, will be meeting us there. We’ll hike/walk, have lunch there, and enjoy the view and SUPER FRESH sea air. The last time I was there was in November 2006. Then I could barely climb one flight of stairs, nevermind walk on one of the trails or up the mountain. I couldn’t even do the 1km walk to the hanging bridge!!! I did take a photo with my phone though, and I often looked at the photo when I felt down and imagined going back there being able to breathe. At one time I actually told my sister that either a) the next time I’m there I’ll be able to breathe, or b) I’m never going to be there again. That was a weird way of thinking about it, but it was true. Although I must say it didn’t really freak me out. I knew that both options involved me being in a much better place! BUT I’M HAPPY WITH OPTION A!!! So needless to say I’m almost jumping out of my skin with excitement!!!! Hope I sleep tonight!!! Will take LOADS of pics…

O yes, and thanks to everyone who comments on my posts!! LOVE getting them!! Keep them coming ;-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

more bussy-ness...

Yesterday was great, loved seeing Shaun again (see pic below). Had a lot to catch up on! Supper at the Spur with my cell group was also loads of fun. Went for coffee/cocktails afterwards at a place called Rockcafe, which has a great non-smoking section! And it's practically on the beach... Had SO much fun, really missed being able to just laugh and enjoy myself.

This morning Dieta and I went for a walk again (my legs are so tired now!), and just had brunch with Anto now, and we're going for lunch with a friend soon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just some more PE pics...

Just some more pics.. 2 of them are of early morning beach walks and the other one is me and one of the cats in front of the house! Ok that's more than enough for now! I'll be back tomorrow!


This is the town where my mom grew up. My grandparents used to stay on their farm outside the town, but since 1998 or so they've lived in the town. On the left I'm standing in front of the church where I was babtised as a baby. It's really beautiful, although you can't really see it on the photo. The other pic is my great-grandmother's old house. I still remember when we used to visit her here... It's empty right now, as it has recently been sold, so we snooped around a bit! Then the final pic is BRAAIVLEIS!!! (BBQ meat I think?!) Jansenville is famous for their meat, and I've been craving it ever since the transplant! Yummy!!!!!!

The journey down to PE...

On the way down we encountered several roadworks! We had to stop twice for at least 15 mins each time. People got out of their cars and boys started playing rugby in the road! Was quite interesting! On the left here I'm looking hot and bothered in the Free State! (province in SA with rather boring scenery! Well along the N1 anyway!) We also stopped in Graaff Reinet, which is a beautiful town with lovely old buildings. It's about 3hours from PE. Posting pics of me in front of the church and the hotel. The other one is Reinethuis, where my great-grandmother studied! She was one of the few woman to study in those days! She passed away when I was about 10 years old. Still remember her, she was a remarkable woman.

Wild Wednesday!

Where do I start? I'm so busy right now and LOVING it! Sitting at my mom's work right now with fast internet so that I can post a lot of pics!

Yesterday's shopping was nice, although I didn't buy anything. Had breakfast with Anto as well at a bakery/ coffee shop called Vovo telo or something. I've never been there, but it's such a cute little place in the city! See the pic below! While shopping I bumped into Arno, my ex's brother. Was cool to see him, as we were planning to get together anyway. We then had lunch with him and his mom, who was so suprised as she wasn't expecting to see me! I also saw Arno's brother, who also wasn't expecting to see me, but at least it wasn't weird or anything. Well not from my side anyway! Also went to see my PE lung specialist, Dr Krige. Just went to say hi, didn't stay long, but he was glad to see me.

Had a sleepover last night with Dieta, also one of my very good friends. We went for a 4km walk on the beachfront again this morning at 7am! (pic on the left!) She also straightened my hair for me! (you'll probably see on tomorrow's photo's!) Then I had a massage by my physio Karen! Very nice! This afternoon I'm seeing my ex-ex boyfriend, Shaun! It must sound terrible all these exes that pop up, but it's not that bad, lol!!! After that it's supper at the Spur with my cell group from church. But I'll write all about that tomorrow!! I'm going to post a bunch of other pics now...
P.s. The other photo in this post is my O2 tubing in the dustbin... Need I say more?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday morning

Yesterday afternoon was great. Antoinette, Daniel and I drove out to a farm stall just outside PE, as they have the most delicious ice-cream! I've never actually been there before, but will definately go again! Had a scoop of peanut ice-cream, which was the best, and one with choc and nuts etc. We sat in the garden and just enjoyed the scenery etc. After that they came to our house and had supper with us.

Also saw Karen, my PE physio like I mentioned. Was so cool, showed her my x-rays and everything! Going back tomorrow to see the rest of the people at her practice and she said something about a massage... :-) Will be taking a pic of her and the other lady who did my physio (and was often the only other people I saw during the day).

My sister and I will be having breakfast with Anto this morning, and then the two of us will be doing some sisterly bonding over shopping!!!! Will also pop by my PE lung specialist's office to show off my new lungs as well! So it's going to be another awesome day...

P.s. And I'm a bit stiff from yesterday's walk!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Great evening and early morning walk!

Had an AMAZINGLY nice evening last night at Antoinette's house!!!!!!!! Her mom prepared a nice big meal (my second 'main meal' for the day!) and we talked and laughed and watched an old episode of Grey's Anatomy. My first evening out with friends!!!!!!!!The top photo is me and Anto and the bottom one is the two of us and Andrew and Daniel on the couch. THEY WERE MY SUPPORT SYSTEM!!!!!!!

This morning My sister and I went for an early morning walk on the beach. Walked about 4km. Legs got a bit tired but never got short of breath or anything. First time in many years that I was on the beach that early!

Seeing my physio, Karen, this morning! Looking forward to it!!! And spending the day with Anto!!! Andrew and Daniel will be joining up later. Yay!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday...

I'm loving my first day back! In a way it feels like I've never left. But it's also very different not being tied to a machine and doing everything for myself again. Saw the first of my friends yesterday, Joey, was so cool! Went to church with my parents this morning, which was very nice. It's a bit more formal than my church, so it was nice to 'dress up' for a change! I don't want to go to my church yet, as it is much more crowded. This morning I sat at the end of the isle. on the gallery, next to an open window, so that was fine! They even mentioned that I was there. Luckily I didn't have to stand up or anything. That would've been a bit blind! Took some photo's outside our house afterwards.

After that my mom and I went for a walk on the 'new' boardwalk at the beach, which is 200m from our house. The boardwalk was finished about a year ago, but I refused to go in a wheelchair and couldn't go walking there, as it was too far for me, even with the portable O2. So I've never been there. And it's great! Can't wait to go again. Also perfect for romantic walks ;-) The second pic is me on the boardwalk...

Had 2 of my cousins, Petra and Melinda come over for tea. Was also great seeing them again. Unfortunately I couldn't see Petra's CUTE little girl who's 16 months old, as I have to stay away from children for now! My sister's boyfriend came over for Sunday Lunch, and now I'm waiting for 2 of my BEST friends, Antoinette (who updated the blog for me) and Daniel, who are busy driving back from an arts festival. They would've been here hours ago, but Daniel locked his keys in the car and they had to wait for the insurance people to come and get it out! They are part of the group of friends that supported me the most during transplant. I had a post somewhere in December, where I vented a bit about the different types of friends that emerge in a 'crisis'. Well the 2 of them (and a few more) really stuck it out with me and did so much for me and kept me entertained and made me 'laugh'/cough and encouraged me all the way. So I literally can't wait to see them. Will definately be posting a pic of us!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'M HOME!!!!!!

Just arrived home an hour and a half ago!!!!!!!!!! The trip down was great! Was amazing to see my grandparents again, they were SO happy to see me!! And (I know this is becomming a bit of a cliché!) it was so cool to breathe easily there! I was trigger-happy with the camera all the way, and took loads of photo's. We have really slow internet at home, so I might post a lot more pics when I get back in Joburg. (I'm only in PE for 10 days or so, then I'm going back.) The pic on the left is me with the grandparents! The other pic is their house in Jansenville.

Our house feels so BIG after living in a flat for the last 2 months! And it's so easy to get up to my room!!! Before, when I forgot something in my room it was like: 'O sh*t!!!!, now what?', because I would be too out of breath to go back up. But those stairs kept me 'fit', and I'm sure it was one of the reasons I recovered so quickely after the op.

And don't worry, I won't stop blogging any time soon, if ever! I love it too much! Most of my friends are away for the Easter weekend, but so excited to see them and will post alot and keep you updated!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

All packed up and ready to GO!!!

I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leaving tomorrow morning at about 6am!!! Stopping over in Jansenville where my grandparents stay, where we'll be sleeping over. They can't wait to see me, as they don't have internet and haven't seen any of the pics. And my grandma will be showing me off to all the neighbours, lol! It'll be a 7-8 hour drive. And then 2hours on Saturday. Took a pic while busy packing... Notice all the space with NO NEBULISER and it's parts taking up half the packing space. Haven't packed for a trip in about 2 years, so exciting!

Saw Dr Williams today. He also did a radio interview this morning relating to my interview last week. My fev's are down a small bit, but some of the other numbers are up, so he's not worried. And I gained 1.5kg (3.3 pounds) in the 6 days since I last saw him. And the x-rays are looking good. So all's well...
I took a photo of all the cards that I received, so if you sent me a card, see if you can spot it! Got a few letters too but didn't put them up. Thanks to everyone who sent them, they're much appreciated!
To end off, I'm posting a piece that I read on a new blog I discovered called Transplantland. I posted the link below 'other cool blogs' if you want to check it out. It really describes perfectly what it feels like having new lungs.
'As a cystic, you spend half your life wondering what it's like to blow the birthday candles not just out but over. You wonder what it feels like to be symbiotic with a stranger, with a man who has an age and a serology report and who saved your life as he lost his. You might choose against a transplant, as many people I admire have done, but you still wonder. Last night I walked for a half hour in my lunatic garb, then I walked 18 flights of stairs, and then I rode my bike. I tested my lungs on the bike, going into several sprints. I noticed how a normal person rides. He achieves a sort of pleasant baseline pant which doesn't shift much as he pushes harder. I kept waiting for my breathing to trigger that familiar cascade that makes it go all haywire, makes me desat and hyperventilate at the same time. But it didn't. I "stayed with" my breath, in fact, until my legs burned. This could not have happened three months ago. In fact, my legs haven't limited my workout in over two years. It has always been the breath.'

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spot the difference!!!!

Don't have much news (except for buying some cool shoes and seriously nearing brokeness!), but I came across this photo (on the left) taken exactly 4 months ago. It was taken at Suzanne's wedding, and I was feeling at my absolute worst. When the pic was taken I was actually almost at the point of passing out, which is why I'm not smiling! Didn't have portable O2 yet, but had a O2 silinder at the reception. The other pic was taken this weekend. See the difference?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Freezing Monday Morning...

It is SOOOO cold!!! And it has been like this the whole weekend. The weather's gone from summer to mid-winter in a week! The max temperature for today is 12 degrees C... and it's AUTUMN. In fact, autumn's just started! Last week it was like 27 degrees. In my entire life it's only ever been this cold ONCE in Port Elizabeth. So I'm NOT looking forward to winter in Joburg. And the problem right now is that I don't really have any winter clothes here. So I had to go shop for some winter stuff. How horrible ;-)
In the first pic is me and Carli on our way to do some early Sunday morning shopping. I'm wearing my new white coat which is nice and warm and makes me look like a doctor when I'm wearing my mask! And that makes people stare even more, lol! Not that I give a damn. Carli took a lot of pleasure out of telling EVERY shop-assistant that I had a lung transplant and that I'm wearing the mask because of THEIR germs! Was really funny to see all the reactions! We also had some cake and something hot to drink. As you can see Carli's showing off her new beanie! I think I should also consider getting one!
So as you can see the rest of my weekend was awesome. Seeing Dr Williams on Thursday and then it's hopefully back home for a week!!!!! Can't wait! Made a whole list of people I need to see in PE, and it's going to keep me busy! Hopefully this week goes by fast and Thursday comes quickely.
Someone asked whether I still have CF now that I've had a transplant. The answer is yes... except for my lungs, they don't have CF because they don't have my DNA. What this means for me now is that I still take digestive enzymes with meals and I still have CF related diabetes, which is actually made worse by my anti-rejection meds, but I control that with insulin, so that's fine. So for the rest I feel 'normal'. Having normal lungs is something you can't describe to someone who has CF. You have to experience it for yourself, and I pray that everyone on the transplant list will get to do just that.
P.s. someone called Michelle commented on an old post and said that I should contact her through her blog page, and that they stay about 20mins from Melville... For some reason I can't reach your page, so please mail me at if you see this!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I wasn't planning on posting today, but I'm busy reading a fellow CF suffer's blog and it really took me back in time. She started her blog about the same time as mine. Check it out at In one of her December post she's saying that before she had to shop in a wheelchair, she used to walk for short whiles and then think of an excuse to stop. I ALSO used to do that and I'm starting to forget how it used to be, although I refused to go anywhere in a wheelchair. And I'm so glad Sam reminded me. I used to also stop, sit on a bench and pretend I'm texting, or if there wasn't a bench nearby I'd pretend that my shoelace is untied and I have to tie it or something. In a shop I would crouch down and pretend to be looking at something on the bottom shelf. All just to try and catch my breath or do a bit of coughing.

The reason this really hit home today was because today was the first day shopping with friends. And I don't get tired at all anymore and it's all just FUN!!! On the first photo: Carli is the one on the right in the light green top. She's the one who flew up from CT for the weekend. Here we are at a coffee shop in an open space in the middle of the mall EATING!!! We really went all out and stuffed ourselves. It's time for supper now and I can't even think about food. But I want to pick up at least 3kg! So I'll have to eat now-now! In the middle is Suzanne, we've also been friends since we were about 4 or 5, and always walked to school together, back when I COULD still walk relatively easy. So it was a really special day. And of course driving around in my cute car was just the cherry on the top!

I've also done one of the things on my 'to do list'... a sleepover! Carli sleeping over is my first sleepover without worrying about coughing or heavy-breathing. One down and a many more to go!!!! Yeah.... ;-D

Friday, March 14, 2008


Yes, that is my lungfunction. Yes, it makes me nervous!!! What if it's not that high next time? How much more can it go up?! When it hit 90% I thought that was it... All I can say is wow...

And speaking of wow, this site has had 1000 views since yesterday! Posted a pic of me and my car!!! She's SO cute and drives like a dream. Although compared to a VW city golf with gears from hell and no power steering everything drives like a dream!

I've also posted a pic of the hospital, my second home in Joburg.. it's a bit sad, I know, but lately I've only got good memories of the place. MAY IT STAY THAT WAY!!!!

Last but not least.. one of my BEST friends (I've got a few of those!) since we were about 5 years old is flying up from Cape Town tonight for the weekend!!!! She was actually one of the last of my friends to see me before transplant. I saw her on the Sunday and got the call on the Monday. I'm quite sure she actually said 'hopefully next time I see you, you've got new lungs'! For the last few months, maybe even 2/3 years before transplant all we were able to do together was eat, talk and... well that was pretty much it. So CAN'T WAIT to be doing some active stuff with her!!! She's going to be SO suprised. Obviously she knows I'm doing well, but to SEE it is another thing altogether. That's why I also can't wait to go home! Will post on Sunday evening with some photo's of a wonderfull weekend!
P.s. Antoinette just sent me a text message, seems like my blog was nominated for another award, as BEST HEALTH BLOG! Not sure if it's international or what, will have a look around the page. Go to if you want to have a look.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I almost forgot to mention... The last time I blogged from my laptop was the night before transplant after I got my call. The number of views was 383... I wrote it down in my diary (I am after all an accountant at heart!)... Now it's 63 135!!!!!! That is just UNBELIEVABLE...

My HEROES and suprising day!

THE INTERNET IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!! I'M ON-LINE AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Firstly I want to upload pics of the people that saved my life!
In the photo with the blue background is me and my 2 lung specialists, Dr Williams on my left and Dr Pahad on my right. Dr Pahad mostly takes care of me when Dr Williams is away. Dr W is the one I see most (seeing him again tomorrow), he regulates my meds etc. The photo taken outside is me and Aviva, my physio and my favourite person to keep me company in hospital! The other 2 doctors are my surgeons! The ones who literally know me inside out! On my left is Dr Hammond, and on the right Dr Sussmann. I still don't quite get how their large hands fit into my small chest! The whole procedure is mind-blowing...

I ALSO GOT MY CAR THIS AFTERNOON!!!!!! Just picked her up! It's raining outside now, but I'll post a pic of me and her tomorrow! A beautiful charcoal Peugeot 107 demo model!

Another suprise today was when Classic FM phoned me asking if they could do a 5-minute interview in 5 minutes time! I obviously said yes! It was in reaction to the article in the newspaper. It was quite an adrenelin rush, my first time on radio! The article about my transplant in the Times was published today. The link to the article is Hope it works! I think it's a great article and hopefully it'll raise awareness about organ donation! Thanks Carly!

So it's been quite a day, even though we were at the flat the whole day, just going out to get the car! Will blog again tomorrow... NOW THAT I HAVE INTERNET!!!!!! YAY!!!! Now I just need a sexy hunk (and a job!) and my life will be complete..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Wow, I've had a very busy 2 days! Had an interview yesterday morning with The Times newspaper, quite exciting! About my blog nomination etc! It's going to be published tomorrow I think, will post the link sometime (it'll be on-line as well).My visit to the surgeon went fine, I don't need to see him again and he gave me the go-ahead to start driving again! So today I took my new lungs for a spin for the first time! Forgot how good it feels to drive! I've always LOVED driving, but the last few months before my transplant driving made me short of breath, especially because the car my sister and I shared didn't have power steering! AND my mom and I went to test-drive a car! I'm going to need a car for when I'm staying behind here. Hopefully next time I blog the car is mine! Will post a pic of me with my car when I get it!More possible good news, Telkom called this morning, confirming that they will be coming to get the internet going. So I MAY have internet access by tomorrow this time. Holding thumbs! Will also post some pics of me with my docs then!

Monday, March 10, 2008


The weekend was great! We went to the Botanical gardens on Saturday, which was definately the highlight! It's BEAUTIFUL! And I could walk and walk without getting tired at all! And I had to literally stop myself from running! One of these days...

We had lunch at the restuarant there, which was absolutely yummy. AND a bird crapped on my shoulder!!! (the tables are under a huge tree) Apparently it's a sign of GOOD LUCK!!! I really hope so. Not that I haven't been having amazing 'luck'! Posted a photo of that too!

Yesterday was also nice, had family over for tea, and spent most of the afternoon with my friend Suzanne and her husband Chris. Was nice to be away from the parentals for a change. Seeing the surgeon tomorrow. I'm busy getting photo's of some of the doctors, will post them all sometime!

Don't have time for much more now, I'm at my dad's work. Have a good week!