Friday, March 28, 2008

Sorry, no photo's today!!!

Having a nice and quiet day today… my sister’s busy moving into my room, so I’m sorting out all my stuff. I’ve been in the same room for 21 years, so you can just imagine all the junk that comes out of there. I tend to be very sentimental about stuff! But I’m over a lot of that now, must be the new lungs-new life thing. So we took a huge bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and 4 bags of books and paper for recycling. And threw away boxes of old O2 tubing, old nebulisers that are broken, IV-stuff from as far back as 1995 and other rubbish. (I have a really big room!!!)

Saw one of my friends yesterday afternoon that I haven’t seen in about 2.5 years! Was awesome, he’s a great guy. He did missionary work on the Doulos Ship for 2 years. I can’t believe how time flies! Feels like just a few months ago that he left, although SO MUCH has happened in between… AND, my parents had some friends over for supper. Among them was my previous GP (not that I really have a GP now, just specialists!), who moved to Namibia (neighbouring country) about 10 years ago! Was so cool to see him again!

Going out for a cocktail/drink (I’ll probably be having hot chocolate though) with Daniel this evening, and having some BRAAIVLEIS (see ‘Jansenville’ post!) afterwards! Yummy!!! Speaking of which, I think I’m seriously starting to gain some weight now! When I was going through my wardrobe deciding what I want to keep, a lot of the pants and a skirt didn’t fit anymore!!! Yay!!! Love this gaining weight thing. Don’t know for how long though!!!

AND… going to STORMS RIVER with Daniel, Anto and Andrew tomorrow!!!!!! This is my favourite place in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!! And the MOST beautiful! A friend who works in George, Leandré, will be meeting us there. We’ll hike/walk, have lunch there, and enjoy the view and SUPER FRESH sea air. The last time I was there was in November 2006. Then I could barely climb one flight of stairs, nevermind walk on one of the trails or up the mountain. I couldn’t even do the 1km walk to the hanging bridge!!! I did take a photo with my phone though, and I often looked at the photo when I felt down and imagined going back there being able to breathe. At one time I actually told my sister that either a) the next time I’m there I’ll be able to breathe, or b) I’m never going to be there again. That was a weird way of thinking about it, but it was true. Although I must say it didn’t really freak me out. I knew that both options involved me being in a much better place! BUT I’M HAPPY WITH OPTION A!!! So needless to say I’m almost jumping out of my skin with excitement!!!! Hope I sleep tonight!!! Will take LOADS of pics…

O yes, and thanks to everyone who comments on my posts!! LOVE getting them!! Keep them coming ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
So bly om te sien en hoor dat dit so goed met jou gaan-jy ken my nie ,maar dit voel of ek en my gesin vir jou ken- ons almal lees daagliks jou blog-ook terwyl ek en my dogter in Engeland was moes ons op hoogte bly van jou herstel.Ons het gehoor van jou deur n vriend-jy bring soveel hoop vir ander CF lyers.Die krag van gebed is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice!
Glad to hear that you're having fun and enjoying the outdoors. :) God is good!
You're in my prayers. :)

Cindy said...

Alice, I'm looking forward to pics of your adventure tomorrow! I love learning things about South Africa as a bonus to following your journey!

Cindy in Ohio, USA

kidsworld said...

I love reading of your appreciation for all that you can now conquer and enjoy! Looking forward to pictures of your hike! I, too, am enjoying learning all about SA...thank you!

refreshing in ohio, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, please take a huge big gulp of fresh sea air for us up in Joburg as well. You are doing so great, impressive, very impressive. Keep up the good work and keep yourself healthy. shoowah

Tamara M. said...


How nice to hear that everythig is oke.

Red about the Doulos, he worked there for two years? Maybe he has seen a good friend of mine, She worked on the Doulos for a few months, last september/oktober.

Never heard of te Doulos before and now 2 times in half a year. How weird!!

greetings Tamara

Christy said...

I LOVE the fact that you have been given this tremendous opportunity and blessing to be able to venture back to the same place that you've looked on at through a picture for the past two years in wonderment and hope. Our God is so, so good! I am thrilled for you. Praying that you feel God's embrace while you relish in all the beauty that He has created for you to dive into with new breath.

Dragonfly said...

Have fun!!! And good to hear about the weight gain, I bet your CF dietician is thrilled!!

Destini said...

It is so neat to be able to see the world through the eyes of someone who lives so far away. I love the pictures you post of the places you visit. I feel as if I've traveled there, yet never left the comfort of my livingroom! Thank you for sharing your life with us! I pray that you continue to feel well and climb many mountains & hike many more trails!