Thursday, March 20, 2008

All packed up and ready to GO!!!

I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leaving tomorrow morning at about 6am!!! Stopping over in Jansenville where my grandparents stay, where we'll be sleeping over. They can't wait to see me, as they don't have internet and haven't seen any of the pics. And my grandma will be showing me off to all the neighbours, lol! It'll be a 7-8 hour drive. And then 2hours on Saturday. Took a pic while busy packing... Notice all the space with NO NEBULISER and it's parts taking up half the packing space. Haven't packed for a trip in about 2 years, so exciting!

Saw Dr Williams today. He also did a radio interview this morning relating to my interview last week. My fev's are down a small bit, but some of the other numbers are up, so he's not worried. And I gained 1.5kg (3.3 pounds) in the 6 days since I last saw him. And the x-rays are looking good. So all's well...
I took a photo of all the cards that I received, so if you sent me a card, see if you can spot it! Got a few letters too but didn't put them up. Thanks to everyone who sent them, they're much appreciated!
To end off, I'm posting a piece that I read on a new blog I discovered called Transplantland. I posted the link below 'other cool blogs' if you want to check it out. It really describes perfectly what it feels like having new lungs.
'As a cystic, you spend half your life wondering what it's like to blow the birthday candles not just out but over. You wonder what it feels like to be symbiotic with a stranger, with a man who has an age and a serology report and who saved your life as he lost his. You might choose against a transplant, as many people I admire have done, but you still wonder. Last night I walked for a half hour in my lunatic garb, then I walked 18 flights of stairs, and then I rode my bike. I tested my lungs on the bike, going into several sprints. I noticed how a normal person rides. He achieves a sort of pleasant baseline pant which doesn't shift much as he pushes harder. I kept waiting for my breathing to trigger that familiar cascade that makes it go all haywire, makes me desat and hyperventilate at the same time. But it didn't. I "stayed with" my breath, in fact, until my legs burned. This could not have happened three months ago. In fact, my legs haven't limited my workout in over two years. It has always been the breath.'


Christy said...

"In fact, my legs haven't limited my workout in over two years. It has always been the breath."

Wow, Alice! You have come such a long way. I marvel in how awesome God is.
On that note, I feel totally out of shape each time I read about how much excercise you're getting after a double lung transplant! Holy Schmolies, girl. Your the modern day superwoman. >:0)

Congrats on getting to go home! Praying that you make it to your grandparents safely, and have a nice trip, and then make it home safely.

Way to go Alice!

Anonymous said...

Alice, does this mean that we will not hear from you again. (Sad sad face!!!) Ag, nee man. you carrent do dis to us man. Please tell us that it is not so. We want to hear how its going all the time.

Enough of that, hahaha, Alice, get home safe, enjoy that what you have and stay well. Happy Easter.

YOU GO "AMAZON WOMAN" hee hee hee

MilePost13 said...

That's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

see you Sunday ... can't wait!

Anonymous said...

HOW EXCITING TO READ THIS ALICE! I started to read your blog when you first got your call! I can't believe you are now going home!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)Having an awesome friend with CF, I love reading your encouraging story! Will keep praying for you and look forward to reading more great updates!
~Amy from NY