Saturday, March 15, 2008


I wasn't planning on posting today, but I'm busy reading a fellow CF suffer's blog and it really took me back in time. She started her blog about the same time as mine. Check it out at In one of her December post she's saying that before she had to shop in a wheelchair, she used to walk for short whiles and then think of an excuse to stop. I ALSO used to do that and I'm starting to forget how it used to be, although I refused to go anywhere in a wheelchair. And I'm so glad Sam reminded me. I used to also stop, sit on a bench and pretend I'm texting, or if there wasn't a bench nearby I'd pretend that my shoelace is untied and I have to tie it or something. In a shop I would crouch down and pretend to be looking at something on the bottom shelf. All just to try and catch my breath or do a bit of coughing.

The reason this really hit home today was because today was the first day shopping with friends. And I don't get tired at all anymore and it's all just FUN!!! On the first photo: Carli is the one on the right in the light green top. She's the one who flew up from CT for the weekend. Here we are at a coffee shop in an open space in the middle of the mall EATING!!! We really went all out and stuffed ourselves. It's time for supper now and I can't even think about food. But I want to pick up at least 3kg! So I'll have to eat now-now! In the middle is Suzanne, we've also been friends since we were about 4 or 5, and always walked to school together, back when I COULD still walk relatively easy. So it was a really special day. And of course driving around in my cute car was just the cherry on the top!

I've also done one of the things on my 'to do list'... a sleepover! Carli sleeping over is my first sleepover without worrying about coughing or heavy-breathing. One down and a many more to go!!!! Yeah.... ;-D


Sam said...

Thank you Alice for all your comments on my blog :-) and thank you for posting a link to my blog. I am glad I reminded you of how things used to be but I am sure you will never ever forget the struggle you had. Your photo's of shopping are great, I too love to eat out, so will be posting about my meals out with friends alot as that is all I seem to do these days.. eat! lol. Have a wonderful Sunday. Much love, Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,so glad to hear you are doing well!!!
Ive wrote on your blog before,im from the uk and have a brother age 20 with CF and a brother whowe lost last year at age 24.I have a question,i know it may seem dumb of me but after having a transplant does it mean you no longer are a CF sufferer? I would really hope that my younger brother gets the same opertunity as you,you are an insperation.

Goodluck in everything you do.

Laura xxx