Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild Wednesday!

Where do I start? I'm so busy right now and LOVING it! Sitting at my mom's work right now with fast internet so that I can post a lot of pics!

Yesterday's shopping was nice, although I didn't buy anything. Had breakfast with Anto as well at a bakery/ coffee shop called Vovo telo or something. I've never been there, but it's such a cute little place in the city! See the pic below! While shopping I bumped into Arno, my ex's brother. Was cool to see him, as we were planning to get together anyway. We then had lunch with him and his mom, who was so suprised as she wasn't expecting to see me! I also saw Arno's brother, who also wasn't expecting to see me, but at least it wasn't weird or anything. Well not from my side anyway! Also went to see my PE lung specialist, Dr Krige. Just went to say hi, didn't stay long, but he was glad to see me.

Had a sleepover last night with Dieta, also one of my very good friends. We went for a 4km walk on the beachfront again this morning at 7am! (pic on the left!) She also straightened my hair for me! (you'll probably see on tomorrow's photo's!) Then I had a massage by my physio Karen! Very nice! This afternoon I'm seeing my ex-ex boyfriend, Shaun! It must sound terrible all these exes that pop up, but it's not that bad, lol!!! After that it's supper at the Spur with my cell group from church. But I'll write all about that tomorrow!! I'm going to post a bunch of other pics now...
P.s. The other photo in this post is my O2 tubing in the dustbin... Need I say more?

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OceanDesert said...

Hi Alice! I've been following your blog since you got your transplant and I'm DELIGHTED to see you doing so well!! I've been listed for a tx (have CF)since June '06, so it's been soooo great to see you doing so well and enjoying life to it's fullest!... I can't wait to trash this O2 tubing as well! Best to you!