Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just some more PE pics...

Just some more pics.. 2 of them are of early morning beach walks and the other one is me and one of the cats in front of the house! Ok that's more than enough for now! I'll be back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,glad to see you living it up. Was the journey down not very tiring? You do seem to be the very busy lady nowadays. Dont know how long you will be home for but enjoy every single minute of it. Just curious, why do you have to come back to joburg? and how long do you have to stay here? But you seem to have a lot of Spunk in you so I guess the journey back wont be too bad. I hope not!!!! The photos are so great, I long for the sea, will get there sometime this year. Please take good care of yourself and dont overdue steps you know. ha hee hee. God Bless you and keep you safe.

Melinda said...

Dis fun om die pics te sien, komiese beskrywings :) wonder wat dink die buitelanders, baie verskillend van hulle setup, die leeus loop mos wild in die strate :p

Anonymous said...

Hi name is Yolandi. My mom phoned me this morning and gave me your blog address. I am just amazed at your storie and your journey to a healthy life.

My Dad had a very rare lung desease called "Alfa 1 anti tripsine Deficiency" and he has less than 20% lung funtion. He was on the waiting list for a double lung transplant for over 2 years, and he couldn't deal with the stress of waiting for "the call" so he went of. But his health had deteriorated so much since then, that he is thinking of going back on the list.

I think your amazing success storie has changed his mind, even though you had youth on your side, my dad is a fighter, and i think that his life that he is living now, is not a life at all. And it is worth taking that chance. He is not back on the list yet, but we are all encouraging him to do it.

I just wanted to tell you, that you inspired our whole family and i'm sure, you inspire so many people to go trough with this life changing operation.

All the best of luck! and i know your new lungs are going to open loads of new doors in your life.

God Bless
Yolandi :-)