Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'M HOME!!!!!!

Just arrived home an hour and a half ago!!!!!!!!!! The trip down was great! Was amazing to see my grandparents again, they were SO happy to see me!! And (I know this is becomming a bit of a cliché!) it was so cool to breathe easily there! I was trigger-happy with the camera all the way, and took loads of photo's. We have really slow internet at home, so I might post a lot more pics when I get back in Joburg. (I'm only in PE for 10 days or so, then I'm going back.) The pic on the left is me with the grandparents! The other pic is their house in Jansenville.

Our house feels so BIG after living in a flat for the last 2 months! And it's so easy to get up to my room!!! Before, when I forgot something in my room it was like: 'O sh*t!!!!, now what?', because I would be too out of breath to go back up. But those stairs kept me 'fit', and I'm sure it was one of the reasons I recovered so quickely after the op.

And don't worry, I won't stop blogging any time soon, if ever! I love it too much! Most of my friends are away for the Easter weekend, but so excited to see them and will post alot and keep you updated!


MilePost13 said...

So happy for you!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Hi Alice,
I first saw your blog from Nate's blog a few weeks ago. I started to read the side on the right, thinking you were still waiting for new lungs. But as I read on, I quickly found out that you got them already. I can't say how happy I am for you. You seem like such an awesome person. I'm still learning about everything that has to do with CF, b/c my son was born with it. So, I like to read as much as I can to educated myself. I'm sure I will learn lots from you once I read more of your blog and continue to do so. If you want to learn more about my story, you can go to My sister and I just started it not too long ago. Not too many people know about it yet. Maybe you could give some good insight in the future if we get something wrong. If you do read it, sorry about all the initials. I have a stalker that has been looking for me for a couple of years. Crazy world. You get stalked just for being nice! Oh well, I'm not going to let that stop me from trying to raise money for a cure. I look forward to reading more on your blog :)