Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday morning

Yesterday afternoon was great. Antoinette, Daniel and I drove out to a farm stall just outside PE, as they have the most delicious ice-cream! I've never actually been there before, but will definately go again! Had a scoop of peanut ice-cream, which was the best, and one with choc and nuts etc. We sat in the garden and just enjoyed the scenery etc. After that they came to our house and had supper with us.

Also saw Karen, my PE physio like I mentioned. Was so cool, showed her my x-rays and everything! Going back tomorrow to see the rest of the people at her practice and she said something about a massage... :-) Will be taking a pic of her and the other lady who did my physio (and was often the only other people I saw during the day).

My sister and I will be having breakfast with Anto this morning, and then the two of us will be doing some sisterly bonding over shopping!!!! Will also pop by my PE lung specialist's office to show off my new lungs as well! So it's going to be another awesome day...

P.s. And I'm a bit stiff from yesterday's walk!


Gizela said...

More Alice!
Ek is so bly dat jy so 'n wonderlike tyd hier in PE het. Dit laat my net weet dink aan 'n lewe wat gegee word en 'n lewe wat geneem word. Ons Hemelse Vader het weer vir jou lewe gegee en op jou volgende verjaardag moet jy definitief die kersies op jou koek omblaas! ;-)
Hoop jy kuier vreeslik lekker en baie mooi wense,
liefde Gizela

Patty said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well!!!

Destini said...

I have been popping in every now and again since Nate (CF Husband) first posted about you. I have offered prayers for your transplant and waited with half of the world to see how you fared during your surgery. I have offered prayers of thanksgiving for how God answered those prayers as well. I love reading about your new adventures with your 2 new best friends (your lungs)! It is so exciting to see you live such a new life. In the post where you posted a picture before lung transplant and after, I can see the light in your eyes again. I'm cheering you on here in Flint, MI praying that you would grow stronger every day as I dodge the snow flakes! Have a truly blessed day!

Bobbi said...

I am so happy that you are finally able to ENJOY the things that CF stole from you...I have prayed for you since before you got your transplant & I continue to pray. I am ecstatic with how well you have done.

p.s...how did you add the counter..i have a blog & can't figure it out