Thursday, March 27, 2008

more bussy-ness...

Yesterday was great, loved seeing Shaun again (see pic below). Had a lot to catch up on! Supper at the Spur with my cell group was also loads of fun. Went for coffee/cocktails afterwards at a place called Rockcafe, which has a great non-smoking section! And it's practically on the beach... Had SO much fun, really missed being able to just laugh and enjoy myself.

This morning Dieta and I went for a walk again (my legs are so tired now!), and just had brunch with Anto now, and we're going for lunch with a friend soon.


Helènic Glauc said...

Laugh and laugh and laugh... this is one of the best things in live.
Greetings from Barcelona!

kidsworld said...

Enjoying all of the photos from my little SA "breathless no more"... Thank you!

refreshing in Ohio, USA

Anonymous said...

Just love seeing all the pics you put up! You look so wonderful, happy and healthy (would never know how sick you were just a short time ago!)! And, I love hearing about all the fun you've been having too! Thanks for continuing to share with us!
Still praying in NY,USA, Amy

Anonymous said...

Alice you are looking stunning and very healthy.
Lovely to seeyou enjoying life.

Laura xx (Liverpool,uk)

Anonymous said...

Yep Alice, all the previous comments really say it all - you look fabulous girl!!!!! Whatever you doing, just keep doing as it is certainly working for you. Must be the glorious south african sunshine, and to crown it all you're at the sea.....what more I ask with tears in my baby blue eyes. (thats just a saying) and keep the smile on-its contagious.


Gizela said...

More Alice,
Jy lyk soooooooooooo anders met die reguit hare! Pragtig pragtig!
Geniet jou naweek baie.

Sam said...

Great photos, your always going out for something to eat! xx

Destini said...

Your story has put so much into perspective about how I tend to live my life. I've always lived thinking I've got time...all the while taking the simple things in life for granted. You go girl!