Friday, March 14, 2008


Yes, that is my lungfunction. Yes, it makes me nervous!!! What if it's not that high next time? How much more can it go up?! When it hit 90% I thought that was it... All I can say is wow...

And speaking of wow, this site has had 1000 views since yesterday! Posted a pic of me and my car!!! She's SO cute and drives like a dream. Although compared to a VW city golf with gears from hell and no power steering everything drives like a dream!

I've also posted a pic of the hospital, my second home in Joburg.. it's a bit sad, I know, but lately I've only got good memories of the place. MAY IT STAY THAT WAY!!!!

Last but not least.. one of my BEST friends (I've got a few of those!) since we were about 5 years old is flying up from Cape Town tonight for the weekend!!!! She was actually one of the last of my friends to see me before transplant. I saw her on the Sunday and got the call on the Monday. I'm quite sure she actually said 'hopefully next time I see you, you've got new lungs'! For the last few months, maybe even 2/3 years before transplant all we were able to do together was eat, talk and... well that was pretty much it. So CAN'T WAIT to be doing some active stuff with her!!! She's going to be SO suprised. Obviously she knows I'm doing well, but to SEE it is another thing altogether. That's why I also can't wait to go home! Will post on Sunday evening with some photo's of a wonderfull weekend!
P.s. Antoinette just sent me a text message, seems like my blog was nominated for another award, as BEST HEALTH BLOG! Not sure if it's international or what, will have a look around the page. Go to if you want to have a look.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You look great & we are so excited to see God answering prayers!

Rachael said...

Hi Alice

Just visiting your blog after reading about you on both pink and smiley blog and confessions of a cf husband blog.

Glad things are going well for you, you look really good.

Thinking of and praying for you


MilePost13 said...

I just voted! I hope you beat me!

Anonymous said...

97% is awesome Alice. Congrats on such great progress. Have a wonderful weekend.

Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love the car, its all shiney and nice!! :D !
Wonderful to hear that you have reached 97% thats fantastic you must be feeling sooo well!
I hope you have a lovely weekend with your friend.

Clarey xxxx

kidsworld said...

The car is adorable just like you! I can feel your great energy all the way in Ohio, USA! Have a super weekend with your friend! Enjoy all of it as soon you will be tied down to an awesome job and guy!!!

refreshing in ohio

Anthea Bester said...

Flippen awesome, Alice! Lungs of steel, baby! En jou kar is stunning, lyk my dinge kan regtig nie beter bly vir jou!

Tinypoppet said...

welcome back honey....and amusingly take a look at the post you just commented on - it was me talking about that very article! Keep on heading onwards and upwards xxx

Amanda said...


Congratulations on your new lungs! It must be so exciting!!

I have CF and my best friend from college is from SA and I miss her terribly. Reading your blog with the little hints of proper South African English makes me smile. :)

Best wishes to you as you continue to recover.


kidsworld said...

Just spent a couple minutes reading back to your posts pre-transplant. They are very amusing...God's work is so apparent in them!

What a great memoir of this miraculous time!

refreshing in ohio, USA

Emmie said...

WOW! That's awesome Alice!!!! I bet it feels simply amazing to be able to breathe so deep?! I posted a link to your blog on the UK CF forums yesterday so hopefully you might get some more votes and blog readers! xxxx

mom2izzyandallen said...

Wow! 97% ~ Fabulous!~

Chrislie Vosloo said...

Alice, jy lyk so goed!!! Ek's so opgewonde vir jou; jou lewe getuig net hoe goed God is!
Baie lief vir julle en kan nie wag om julle oor 'n week te sien nie. Ek mis julle regtig baie,
Jou sussie

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice--woh woh woh-I prayed for 100% recovery for you and your lungfunctions are better than a lot of "healthy" people.It is a true miracle and you are giving hope to so many C.F. sufferers.Lets hope that organs will be more available so that many more transplants could be done.

Sam said...

your car is lovely, although no need for a car when you can walk with those new lungs eh.. ;)

I too read pink and smiley and confessions of a cf husband, Emily Thackray is truely inspiring as are Nate and Tricia, I am so glad you got your new lungs. You give me hope that mine will come someday soon, although I am so scared of the call as I don't know how I will react. How did you react? were you calm? Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,so glad to hear you are doing well!!!
Ive wrote on your blog before,im from the uk and have a brother age 20 with CF and a brother whowe lost last year at age 24.I have a question,i know it may seem dumb of me but after having a transplant does it mean you no longer are a CF sufferer? I would really hope that my younger brother gets the same opertunity as you,you are an insperation.

Goodluck in everything you do.

Laura xxx

Zee said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I was reading all the posts from today back. When I came to your "97%" post I burst into tears. My 11 year old daughter has CF as well, and just as I was reading that your sats were up to 97% I could hear my daughter upstairs singing and moving around as happy as can be. The juxtaposition of those two bits of input did me in! It's such a joy to hear about your experience as a cf-er with non-cf lungs!