Friday, April 25, 2014

Mid-holiday and health update

We had 3 days of admin in Joburg before our next trip which starts tomorrow. While driving up on Tuesday it started feeling like my cold was back. Sore throat and increasingly snotty nose. Luckily I had the Drs appointment on Wednesday scheduled. Lung function was 55% FEV1 and 94% capacity (FVC). Dr said I shouldn't pay any attention to it as I'm sick (verdict was mild chest infection basically and new antibiotics given). Being on 5 immune-suppressants has it's down-side :-( Weight up with another kg at least which puts me at 58kg, which is a very good place to be for me, so yay!
Luckily I could still do photo on Thursday. Everything went fine, apart from 4 attempts to get the 2 drips in. When they put the thick needle in (where arm bends) blood started SPURTING out all over the place. You can see a bit of it on the pic below, that was taken after blood was cleaned off my arm and most of the bed. NOW ONLY ONE TREATMENT LEFT. CANNOT WAIT for it to be over.
Felt a lot better today luckily, so antibiotics must be working. Also started malaria pills today (we're not going to a high risk area and it's not summer but just being extra careful - so please don't comment that I shouldn't be taking these kind of risks!) Did all the shopping for our trip and kitties have been dropped off at the cattery. Tomorrow morning just after 6am we will hit the road! Part of the cool thing about this trip is that there is no electricity... so with the old lungs I could never go there as I wouldn't have been able to do my nebulisers or use oxygen (in the period closed to transplant). So I'll never take for granted not needing electricity to stay alive!