Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Raising Funds for the SA CF Trust

Urgent!!! The below event is being held at the Barnyard at Cresta on 2 Oct and there are still MANY tickets available!!!!

The function is to raise funds for the CF Trust. See below for details of the event, and CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE.

If however (like me) you are unable to attend, please consider making a donation to the below banking details. It's for a VERY VERY good cause!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Inspiration - Transplant Success Stories

This is pretty old (2 years or so), and I've posted the link to it before. but now I have figured out how to do it properly. #throwbackSaturday

P.S this video makes me look fat.... it's only the camera angle... I don't actually look (or sound) like this.

The best song about CF E.V.E.R

I think I'm a One Direction Republic fan now (oops, thanks Fawn)

48% again

Thursday's check-up went fine. Blew on the normal lung function machine and result was also 48%. (Same as last time when I blew on a different machine). The other machine from last time tends to give slightly worse reading apparently, so what probably happened was that there was still a slight drop between Aug and Sept, and had I blown on the normal machine last time it would prob have been 49 or 50%.

Bloods and weight and everything else was great. Also had to do 6 min walk test (again) and walked 1 m less than last time. Forgot to check the distance though but it was good... like 650m or so... because I walk fast! Starting O2 sats were 93% and ended on 85%... also same as last. Luckily they go up again pretty quickly (they have to be > 90% to be considered normal). Next appointment will be after our holiday.

In other news... I have managed to get my first orchid EVER to re-flower!!! AND there is another one on the way! Very excited, as I moved them into a sunnier room about a year ago, and it's paying off.

Two weeks to go until the National Games in Stellenbosch. Looking forward to getting away from everything and having some fun.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome new laptop!!!!

Exciting new toy.... I got a new laptop!!! An HP Envy 15. (if that means anything to anyone else as tech un-savvy as I am). LOVE it, so pretty and such great sound and just awesome. My old laptop was pretty sentimental to me, I got it about 2 weeks before my transplant (perfect timing!). Even blogged about it here! Unfortunately it was now being held together my tape... screen broken and generally just old. So decided it's time to say goodbye to the old friend who played a big part in my life post transplant! Luckily I have a VERY tech savvy hubby who has loaded everything from old lappy to new... So I'm all set for new adventures on new friend.

Last week was busy as usual, and as I expect the next 2 weeks before our holiday will be. Worked over-time, did some discus prac at the university (UJ), Went to gym (even bought some dumbells for home... 5kg and 3kg).

Yesterday was very cool... apart from getting the laptop, my sis and I planted some plants in their new garden (which was subsequently smashed to pieces by the first hail storm of the season :-(  ) We also did some shopping which was very successful, and had a braai together with them in the eve.

Today her and I are going for a pedicure! Don't do that often but feet looking crap after winter and with summer being here it is much needed!

Also won a 50% off on Paint Nite with Fawn's blog!! Looks like an awesome evening out so looking forward to using the voucher after our holiday!

That's all for now... have a good week... we have a public holiday on Wednesday (Heritage Day), and on Thursday I see Lung Doc again! So hopefully a fast-moving week.... and downward slope to CAPE TOWN!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Awareness stuffs

So Sunday was the Biker's Day at Dirt Bronco in Randfontein. It was organised by Netcare's Heart/Lung transplant team. It was really well organised with great vibe but unfortunately the turnout was a bit disappointing :-( HOWEVER we registered almost 100 people as organ donors and the SANBS got a lot of blood!!! And the Bikers are REALLY friendly and big-hearted people, was such a nice experience to see them all register compared to some of the other awarenes events I've attended over the years. So that's really awesome. I also got some cool bumper stickers!

Then on the 25th of Oct is the annual 5km Walk organised by the ODF at the JHB Zoo. Always a great event and looking forward to it. Please join if you're in JHB area!!!!!! (Not sure if any of my readers ever listen to me though!!!!)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Love it!

Chrislie and Pierre in their new house

My sis and Pierre are now not only living in Jozi, they have bought their own little townhouse in the same suburb as us! It's almost like a dream come true for me! Parents and sis all living in Joburg now! Last night we had our first braai there, and today Chrislie and I went to buy a few plants for our gardens, and had scones and tea at garden centre. Domesticated!!!!!

We also picked up a print that they had framed, and at the same time I gave in my Alice In Wonderland vintage cards that I bought in Notting Hill, London to be framed as well (3 years ago already!!!! Shocking that I've left it this long!) Will definitely post a pic when it's done!

Tomorrow I'll be helping to register Organ donors at the Biker's day... should be interesting and a great success!!!! Please encourage any Bikers in Gauteng to join!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


In the last week I haven't blogged as I don't have much to update on or anything interesting to say! Life has been crazy busy but at the same time pretty boring.

Work has been very very busy!!! (the norm rather than the exception I have come to realise!!!), especially with going on leave in Oct and other staff going on leave this month, so I'm being trained and training someone else at same time!!! Have to try and balance my life and try not to work late too often while still getting everything done! Keeps me out of trouble at least!

Then there is also the shot put and discus training that I go to when I have time!!! It's going OK, don't think I will throw the distances needed to qualify for the next transplant games, but to be honest I also don't think that I will be going to Argentina if my lungs continue their trend in any case. I'm just doing it for fun and because I really want to compete in the Nationals next month.

My sis and Pierre are also proud home-owners as from last week Thurs!!!! So this past weekend we've been helping them clean and move some stuff over to their new place. Excited for all the good times we will still be spending there in future!

Saw psychiatrist yesterday (have to see him every 6 months to get a new script for anxiety meds and to see if they are still working!). All fine, meds (well there is only one med...) stay the same, seeing him again in March next year!

This Sunday is also the organ donation Biker's Day where I will be helping to register people as organ donors. Should be interesting! There is also the Gauteng Transplant Sport AGM coming up on 27 Sept, so that needs to be organised too!

As you can see pretty busy and just trying to survive the next month until we go away on holiday!!!!

P.S. Fawny did a blog post about my 30th birthday picnic... check it out here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

30 and 48

30... my new age!!!!  The weekend was very very nice, and my party was really great. Weather was perfect and just a great day all round! Check out some of the pics below!!! I think they will speak louder than me writing about it! THANKS so much to everyone who made my day special..... to Carli and Louz for coming all the way from Cape Town, Cecile and Andrew for organising the table, Patricia for making the photo booth props, my mom, dad, Chris, Chrislie and Pierre for all the help!!! Tiana and Fawn for sending me pics they took!! Hope I didn't forget anyone.... Also feeling very loved with all the texts, facebook messages and phone calls I got!

48... my new % lung function... so last Thursday was my check-up... had to use different lung function machine than usual, and FEV1% was 48% :-( Hard to measure exactly against previous reading seeing as it was a different machine... BUT I used this machine for my June check-up too and then it was 53%. So on same machine a 5% drop since then. So will have to wait and see till next check-up to see what normal machine says. All bloods and stuff were great. Meh....

Luckily it didn't dampen my mood for the birthday :-) So glad it was a success!!!!