Thursday, September 18, 2014

Awareness stuffs

So Sunday was the Biker's Day at Dirt Bronco in Randfontein. It was organised by Netcare's Heart/Lung transplant team. It was really well organised with great vibe but unfortunately the turnout was a bit disappointing :-( HOWEVER we registered almost 100 people as organ donors and the SANBS got a lot of blood!!! And the Bikers are REALLY friendly and big-hearted people, was such a nice experience to see them all register compared to some of the other awarenes events I've attended over the years. So that's really awesome. I also got some cool bumper stickers!

Then on the 25th of Oct is the annual 5km Walk organised by the ODF at the JHB Zoo. Always a great event and looking forward to it. Please join if you're in JHB area!!!!!! (Not sure if any of my readers ever listen to me though!!!!)

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