Tuesday, September 2, 2014

30 and 48

30... my new age!!!!  The weekend was very very nice, and my party was really great. Weather was perfect and just a great day all round! Check out some of the pics below!!! I think they will speak louder than me writing about it! THANKS so much to everyone who made my day special..... to Carli and Louz for coming all the way from Cape Town, Cecile and Andrew for organising the table, Patricia for making the photo booth props, my mom, dad, Chris, Chrislie and Pierre for all the help!!! Tiana and Fawn for sending me pics they took!! Hope I didn't forget anyone.... Also feeling very loved with all the texts, facebook messages and phone calls I got!

48... my new % lung function... so last Thursday was my check-up... had to use different lung function machine than usual, and FEV1% was 48% :-( Hard to measure exactly against previous reading seeing as it was a different machine... BUT I used this machine for my June check-up too and then it was 53%. So on same machine a 5% drop since then. So will have to wait and see till next check-up to see what normal machine says. All bloods and stuff were great. Meh....

Luckily it didn't dampen my mood for the birthday :-) So glad it was a success!!!!

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Sherry Boyle said...

Happy 30th, Alice! Love your birthday theme! Looks like so much fun!