Saturday, September 27, 2014

48% again

Thursday's check-up went fine. Blew on the normal lung function machine and result was also 48%. (Same as last time when I blew on a different machine). The other machine from last time tends to give slightly worse reading apparently, so what probably happened was that there was still a slight drop between Aug and Sept, and had I blown on the normal machine last time it would prob have been 49 or 50%.

Bloods and weight and everything else was great. Also had to do 6 min walk test (again) and walked 1 m less than last time. Forgot to check the distance though but it was good... like 650m or so... because I walk fast! Starting O2 sats were 93% and ended on 85%... also same as last. Luckily they go up again pretty quickly (they have to be > 90% to be considered normal). Next appointment will be after our holiday.

In other news... I have managed to get my first orchid EVER to re-flower!!! AND there is another one on the way! Very excited, as I moved them into a sunnier room about a year ago, and it's paying off.

Two weeks to go until the National Games in Stellenbosch. Looking forward to getting away from everything and having some fun.

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