Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chrislie and Pierre in their new house

My sis and Pierre are now not only living in Jozi, they have bought their own little townhouse in the same suburb as us! It's almost like a dream come true for me! Parents and sis all living in Joburg now! Last night we had our first braai there, and today Chrislie and I went to buy a few plants for our gardens, and had scones and tea at garden centre. Domesticated!!!!!

We also picked up a print that they had framed, and at the same time I gave in my Alice In Wonderland vintage cards that I bought in Notting Hill, London to be framed as well (3 years ago already!!!! Shocking that I've left it this long!) Will definitely post a pic when it's done!

Tomorrow I'll be helping to register Organ donors at the Biker's day... should be interesting and a great success!!!! Please encourage any Bikers in Gauteng to join!!!!!!

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