Tuesday, September 9, 2014


In the last week I haven't blogged as I don't have much to update on or anything interesting to say! Life has been crazy busy but at the same time pretty boring.

Work has been very very busy!!! (the norm rather than the exception I have come to realise!!!), especially with going on leave in Oct and other staff going on leave this month, so I'm being trained and training someone else at same time!!! Have to try and balance my life and try not to work late too often while still getting everything done! Keeps me out of trouble at least!

Then there is also the shot put and discus training that I go to when I have time!!! It's going OK, don't think I will throw the distances needed to qualify for the next transplant games, but to be honest I also don't think that I will be going to Argentina if my lungs continue their trend in any case. I'm just doing it for fun and because I really want to compete in the Nationals next month.

My sis and Pierre are also proud home-owners as from last week Thurs!!!! So this past weekend we've been helping them clean and move some stuff over to their new place. Excited for all the good times we will still be spending there in future!

Saw psychiatrist yesterday (have to see him every 6 months to get a new script for anxiety meds and to see if they are still working!). All fine, meds (well there is only one med...) stay the same, seeing him again in March next year!

This Sunday is also the organ donation Biker's Day where I will be helping to register people as organ donors. Should be interesting! There is also the Gauteng Transplant Sport AGM coming up on 27 Sept, so that needs to be organised too!

As you can see pretty busy and just trying to survive the next month until we go away on holiday!!!!

P.S. Fawny did a blog post about my 30th birthday picnic... check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Alice, I have followed your blog for a long time. I have cf and had a lung transplant in 2012. Most recently I had a fundoplication and I have some ??? if you would be willing to help me please email me at collwagner@comcast.net

Alice said...

Yes definitely!! Will send you a mail right now!