Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome new laptop!!!!

Exciting new toy.... I got a new laptop!!! An HP Envy 15. (if that means anything to anyone else as tech un-savvy as I am). LOVE it, so pretty and such great sound and just awesome. My old laptop was pretty sentimental to me, I got it about 2 weeks before my transplant (perfect timing!). Even blogged about it here! Unfortunately it was now being held together my tape... screen broken and generally just old. So decided it's time to say goodbye to the old friend who played a big part in my life post transplant! Luckily I have a VERY tech savvy hubby who has loaded everything from old lappy to new... So I'm all set for new adventures on new friend.

Last week was busy as usual, and as I expect the next 2 weeks before our holiday will be. Worked over-time, did some discus prac at the university (UJ), Went to gym (even bought some dumbells for home... 5kg and 3kg).

Yesterday was very cool... apart from getting the laptop, my sis and I planted some plants in their new garden (which was subsequently smashed to pieces by the first hail storm of the season :-(  ) We also did some shopping which was very successful, and had a braai together with them in the eve.

Today her and I are going for a pedicure! Don't do that often but feet looking crap after winter and with summer being here it is much needed!

Also won a 50% off on Paint Nite with Fawn's blog!! Looks like an awesome evening out so looking forward to using the voucher after our holiday!

That's all for now... have a good week... we have a public holiday on Wednesday (Heritage Day), and on Thursday I see Lung Doc again! So hopefully a fast-moving week.... and downward slope to CAPE TOWN!!!!


Cordia Remsen said...

Your new laptop sure had me so envious. Hahaha! It sounds awesome, and I hope it's been a great companion for your tech needs. Anyway, it does seem like you had a busy week. I hope you were able to rest up. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

Cordia Remsen @ RB's Computer Service

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