Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The usual 2% down.

Check-up went fine, bloods all good like usual. FEV1% down by 2% AGAIN, I think this has been a consistent 2% drop per month since July last year. Now sitting on 53% FEV1%. Tomorrow last photopheresis. SO ANNOYING.

Friday, May 23, 2014

6 years 4 months

Yesterday was 6 years 4 months post tx, yay! Didn't have a great day though. Most of the days this week weren't great. It's just been a strange week anticipating next week's final photopheresis and lung function & check-up. Went to gym on Tuesday and it was pretty crappy again, bleh. So really curious what lung function will be. Not stressed about it much at least!

Not much planned for this weekend apart from lots of domestic stuff.... all 3 kitties have to get vaccinations, need to go to supermarket, butcher and fruit&veg shop, gym and supper with my folks tomorrow eve. On Sunday I need to have bloods done for Wednesday's check-up and somewhere in between get laundry done too! BUT in 2 weeks time I'm in Cape Town for my friend's party!!! So yay!!!

Have a good weekend.... or at least a productive one like me!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend and gym

Not much happened in the last week. Only major thing that did happen is that I went back to gym on Monday after WEEKS off. It was unbelievably tough!!! Thought I might pass out or something. Went again on Thursday and Sat and it was a little better at least. In 10 days time I will be doing lung functions again so we will see if they are down or exactly how unfit I am!
This weekend has been pretty good. Apart from gym we also had a "potjiekos" as one of my university friends' house that he recently bought. It involved quite a lot of gin and tonic and was a pretty fun evening. Today I felt a bit hung-over so didn't do anything productive! Just went to visit a CF friend in hosp and went out for some cake (well I had cake!) with a friend in afternoon.
Not particularly looking forward to this week... but need to survive it in order to be closer to next week when I have my last photopheresis and in 3 weeks time I'm off to Cape Town for the 30th birthday of one of my closest and dearest friends Louzanne!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

We had a good Mothers Day today - had a very yummy lunch with the fam at our house! Also did some gardening ( and even got a plant from the kitties for Mothers Day via my mom!) Below is a pic of me and my sis with my mom and also pics of last night's supper out.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Busy but productive week and elections

The week was very busy work-wise, with it being month-end. Wednesday was also Election Day and a public holiday. I slept late ( till 08h30!!! late for me!!), then went to vote, which didn't take very long luckily. After that I went to work for about 2 hours, then visited a friend and in the evening we went to watch The Sound Of Music stage production. It was AWESOME. Thurs eve there was a Transplant Network meeting at the hosp, which was very nice!

This weekend has been good so far. This morning I also slept late (till 9!! Must be some kind of record!) and just did chores around the house. In the afternoon my sis and I went to lifestyle garden cenre for plant shoping and coffee and this evening we went out for Indian food. VERY yummy!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

CF Scholarship available to students in the USA

I have been asked to mention the below scholarship that is available to all CF's living in the USA on my blog! I have many followers from the US and many US facebook friends so thought it would be good to share this:

Going to college or university can be expensive, but for students living with cystic fibrosis (CF), a legacy scholarship can help alleviate the financial burden.
Today, AbbVie announced that undergraduate and graduate students living with CF can now apply for the AbbVie CF Scholarship. For nearly 25 years, AbbVie’s legacy scholarship program has supported the CF community by providing financial assistance to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing their dreams of higher education.
This year, 40 students will be awarded $2,500 each based on their outstanding academic record, extracurricular activities, and creativity. In honor of the 22nd year of the program, the 40 recipients will compete for public votes to qualify for the title of Thriving Undergraduate or Graduate Student to receive a total scholarship of $22,000 (the original $2,500 scholarship plus an additional $19,500). 
Applications will be accepted until Monday, June 9 and are available online now at: For more information, visit  to view creative submissions of past winners and learn more about the application criteria, contest rules and upcoming deadlines surrounding the application process.
Previous scholarship recipient James D., an undergraduate student studying business finance, is available to share his experience living with CF and how receiving the scholarship has impacted his life.

Thursday, May 1, 2014