Friday, May 23, 2014

6 years 4 months

Yesterday was 6 years 4 months post tx, yay! Didn't have a great day though. Most of the days this week weren't great. It's just been a strange week anticipating next week's final photopheresis and lung function & check-up. Went to gym on Tuesday and it was pretty crappy again, bleh. So really curious what lung function will be. Not stressed about it much at least!

Not much planned for this weekend apart from lots of domestic stuff.... all 3 kitties have to get vaccinations, need to go to supermarket, butcher and fruit&veg shop, gym and supper with my folks tomorrow eve. On Sunday I need to have bloods done for Wednesday's check-up and somewhere in between get laundry done too! BUT in 2 weeks time I'm in Cape Town for my friend's party!!! So yay!!!

Have a good weekend.... or at least a productive one like me!


Sherry Boyle said...

Praying for good results next week.

Alice said...

Thank You!