Friday, July 31, 2015

1,000 Blog Posts and THANK YOU

This is blog post # 1,000!!!!! Crazy!!! Also, we're back home. Landed at 5:15 this morning in a freezing Joburg. The flights back were OK... slept a bit more than on the way there, and Dubai airport was much less insane this time around. Jet-lag has been pretty crappy today, feels like we completely missed Thursday (which we basically did), very tired!!! Slept a little bit at mid-day, did 3 loads of laundry, and then Chrislie and Pierre was nice enough to come and make us supper at our house! Was very good seeing them and my dad again today. Looking forward to seeing my mom tomorrow. BUT FIRST I'M CRAVING A GOOD NIGHT'S REST!

I am still in the process of loading trip pics onto the blog (Facebook is updated at least) so keep an eye out for the rest of them still to come. However I would like to thank everyone who assisted us with this trip... This trip was a massive opportunity and blessing to us and would NOT have been possible without these people:
  • Anna and Casey for hosting us. It's not easy to share your house for more than 2 weeks with guests, plus they drove us around, organised tickets for stuff that we would have left to the last minute and missed out on, shared their kitties with us, fed us,,, basically they allowed us to spend all our money on eating out, adventures and shopping! And not to mention the time taken off work for us!!!! They are without a doubt our best "couple-friends" and wished they lived closer! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Our friendship is also a testimony on what makes the World Transplant Games so awesome.... you meet like-minded people, and form phenomenal friendships. Which lasts so much longer that the ability to compete in sport. Ie IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT THE SPORT. I would encourage all other recipients to give this a try. It could change your life!!!
  • Robin and Doug, Anna's parents. They assisted us with accommodation in Monteray and Murphys. And fed us the BEST food I had in the entire California, PLUS the best gin and tonic EVER, Their house in Murphys is sooo lovely and amazing, They really spoiled us and even took us to a music concert! Wish my parents could also meet them
  • My blog reader Sherry who had us over for tea and helped with aquarium passes to Monteray Aquarium.
  • My sis and Pierre who looked after the kitties for us. They saved us thousands of rands in kennel fees plus I know my kitties were happy. You guys helped more than you can know!
  • My dad for fetching us this morning
  • People at work who stood in for me when I know things are rough at work!\
  • My Dr and Jenny for the medical supporting docs
I might be omitting some people right now,,, blaming the jet-lag. Will update list when anything comes to mind.

Anna gave me the above card... which is perfect for so many reasons.... the quote.... OBVIOUSLY! The location of the picture... Glacier Point... we were there on Friday, We look like twins... like those ballerina's do! We like adrenalin rushes. adventure!

I'm off to bed again.... too hard to keep eyes open. Good to be back home!!!! Kitties have gotten over their indignant-ness and are loving us again, yay!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Columbia Historic State Park 25/07/2015

On Sat we explored this funky little gold-mining town called Columbia, where the California Gold Rush started. VERY different and interesting and we had a super fun dress-up pic taken. The only thing that was disgusting was the cool-drink we had.... Sarsaparilla....GROSS... tastes like toothpaste and mouthwash and liquorice all in one. Disgusting.

Angel Island and Alcatraz - a must see!!!

Today we did a ferry tour of Angel Island and Alcatraz departing at Pier 33 in the City. We had the most BRILLIANTLY amazing weather for San Fran. I might even have gotten a bit of a sunburn! We will see tomorrow. It was our last adventure together but soooo worth it. TIP: DO ANGEL ISLAND AS WELL!!!!