Monday, July 13, 2015

First full day in the US done!

Just a short post.... Arrived yesterday, flights were sooooooo long!!! We were really tired when we got here, just chatted, got burgers for supper, and slept over 10 hrs! Flights went well health-wise, had no issues and lungs were behaving perfectly carrying stuff around on airports. 

This morning we went for a buffet brunch, followed by a trip to Costco. Interesting experience!!! Had a nap this afternoon and supper out at Cheesecake Factory with another CF facebook friend Talana ( who actually "introduced" me and Anna to each other!) Had fish Tacos which were yummy.

Tomorrow we head to Big Sur!!! Will post while we are there if there is wifi!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to CA! I hope your stay here is wonderful and everything you dreamed it would be!!

Kate Smith said...

Welcome to the US!!