Thursday, July 16, 2015

Monteray, Carmel and Big Sur

On Monday we left Anna and Casey's house, and set off for our little trip. It was Anna's 34th birthday on Monday too. We stopped in a little town called Pascadero on the way, where I ate my first artichoke hearts and artichoke soup. Anna and I also shared a crab sandwich. All very yummy. Then we stopped by one of my faithful blog readers' house, Sherry Boyle. She often comments and invited us over for tea! It was such a warm welcome, and she also gave us aquarium passes to use that she got from her daughter!! So that allowed us to get into the Monteray aquarium for free, which was GREAT. In the evening we celebrated Anna's birthday in style at the Sardine Factory, which is a very smart place. It was beautiful!!!! Will post pictures tomorrow when we are back on proper FAST internet.

Tuesday we did the aquarium, which was GREAT, the Jellyfish were amazing, and the otters too cute for words. We have otters too, but haven't seen them up close like this. We walked around in Monteray a bit, and went to some tidal pools. Then we did the famous 17-mile drive along the Pebble Beach golf course, ending in Carmel, which is the cutest little town you can imagine. It's almost like something from a fairy tale. Going back there today on our way back.

Yesterday we did Big Sur... AMAZING beauty. Reminds me so much of Tstsikamma, but on a bigger scale. Did a LOT of climbing and some hiking, very active day!!! Tired today and tomorrow will be a rest day (and posting-photos-to-facebook-and-blog day). Lungs did very well though!!!!

All in all a very happy Alice!


Sherry Boyle said...

Alice, I loved meeting the four of you and getting to know a bit more about you and South Africa. So glad you had a good time here on the CA central coast, and especially that your lungs are performing so well! Will look forward to more posts about your travels around CA.

Emily said...

Is that Nepenthe you ate at? LOVE that place. I hope you had a burger. Big Sur is one of my favorite places ever. It is about 5 hours from where I live in L.A.

Alice said...

Yes it WAS Nepenthe! Was awesome! Had half of the Ambrosia burger that I shared with Anna, and a shrimp salad. Very nice