Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JULY is here!!!!

Our big month has finally arrived!!!!! JULY is here!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! 9 Sleeps to go, 7 working days, one fun-filled weekend with awesome friends coming up from Cape Town and PE, and then off on most epic trip EVER. Going to be the BEST MONTH IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER.

This weekend felt pretty bloody freezing in Jozi, and I can't wait to go to warmer weather. Started SERIOUSLY packing as well. Most things packed and sorted, just need letter from Dr still for all my meds and the airport and a few other minor things. Light-headed feeling I had last week went away by itself, and really trying my utmost best now not to get flu or something (obviously feels like the whole world is sick now!). Went to gym yesterday which went well, and scale said I gained a kilo, putting me at 57.5kg. Tummy might have been full so let's say 57kg. That is pretty much my ideal weight. Wouldn't mind getting to 58kg or so though, just to have some reserves.

On Friday Ditha and Joey arrive for a weekend of catch-up fun (in Dec us, Brendan and Andrew all met up in Stellenbosch)!!! Very excited to see them again, and cannot wait for the week to finish. Def no need to go to the gym the weekend, as it will be an ab-workout all on it's own! Being with these guys mean laughing your ass off and being yourself 100%. Bliss!!! #HS

P.S. As a bonus, my lung function is the same or slightly better than it was when I last saw them in Dec, which is really good and not what I expected. So life is gooooood right now!!!!

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Charlene Meintjes said...

Yay! Geniet elke oomblik 😀