Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last 2 weeks of travel prep (and 89 months)

Monday marked yet another month survived with the new lungies! Happy 89 months to us! Next one will be in the USA with Anna celebrating her 56 months on the same day as my 90 months! Not sure if I've mentioned before, but Anna also has chronic rejection. She had a very good check-up on Monday though, and her lung function was stable from the previous time (at 85%). So that's great news for her, it means she doesn't have to worry about starting Photopheresis yet for now. As you know my last check-up also went great, so everything is working out perfectly for our holiday. I think our donors met up in heaven and made this happen for us! We owe those two angels soooooooo much and hopefully they will smile down on us :-)

Our guest bedroom is now officially PACKING ROOM. Tonight in 2 weeks' time is our last eve at home!!! We also have THIS trip to Alcatraz booked. Excitement!!!!

This week has been rather stressful. Had massive fights with my pharmacy, Discovery's MedExpress..... I placed my order for meds on 10 June, and as per usual they promised me delivery within 3-5 working days. When my delivery arrived on the 18th (already late), I saw that only 3 of the 11 items ordered was there... Turns out they LOST the other part of the order, even though my co-payment of about R500.00 went off my bank account without any difficulty. WHAT THE HELL... So they re-captured the order on Friday, promising delivery on Monday. By mid-day on Monday I still had nothing. After ranting on Twitter, I was promised that they would call me back. Nothing happened. Called then again and lost my shit... shouted at the guy at the other end and asked if he knew what anti-rejection meds are.... he said no. I subsequently and in no uncertain terms made sure him and everyone around me at the office know that I HAD AN ORGAN TRANSPLANT, AND IF I DON'T TAKE THESE MEDS MY BODY REJECTS MY LUNGS, I CANNOT BREATHE AND I WILL DIE. He called back about 4 times after that asking if I had my meds yet, They were there within 30 mins. He called back again the next day to ask if all the meds were there and if everything is fine now. At least I have done all the maths, and I now have enough of all my essential meds to last me the entire trip. I am supposed to have another order delivered before then, but at least I know that even if that fails, I'm still fine.

Went to gym on Tuesday at least, was supposed to go today as well, but have been feeling a bit light-headed for the last day or two. Decided to rather go for my Vitality check-up (they check basic health stuff, and you get points for the results) where my blood pressure would be checked at the same time, as I thought maybe the vertigo feeling was low BP, but all was fine. BP was 125/83, glucose was 5.5, BMI 21.9, and I am HIV negative! So all good. Hopefully tomorrow the weird sensation is gone.

Bed time, flipping tired!

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