Thursday, August 30, 2018

Meeting FB friends in real life, The Intrepid Air and Space Museum and The Highline

Some of the best times we had in New York was meeting up with friends. From meeting Facebook friends in real life to hanging out with a childhood friend who now lives in the UK, and happened to be in NY at the same time as us!

So I met one of my CF/transplant Facebook friends who lives in New York, Alison! She has had her transplant 14 years ago! Chris and I had a wonderful brunch with her at Columbus Circle. It's amazing how having been through similar experiences can instantly connect people!

Another Facebook friend we met is Kathleen, a pianist who has been involved in the performance of Brian's "Breathe" composition. What a lovely lady! Also on the below pic is Brian! If you want to listen to his piece that he wrote featuring moi, click here.

We got to spend some time with James as well... he is the friend since forever who happened to be in NYC at the same time as us! Some great unexpected catching up!

On Sunday the 5th of Aug, we went to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. It was pretty cool! And EXTREMELY warm... The whole museum is based on/around an old US Aircraft Carrier built during WW2. It was all pretty interesting, especially going on board the USS Growler, a submarine that in on display at the museum as well. I would NEVER have coped being underwater in a submarine!!! Quite a claustrophobic feeling!

On the Monday morning we did a walking tour of the Highline and Chelsea Market. This was also one of the best tours we did... I can definitely say that our walking tours (Central Park and this one), were the best tours we did. The Chelsea food market was AAMMMAAZING!!! Had freaking yummy doughnuts there and later for lunch, burgers. The Highline was also fantastic. Super inspiring to see what was done with an eyesore. The whole area really gives me hope for some parts of the inner city here in Joburg. Maybe one day we'll have a similarly awesome redeveloped area in what used to be a horrible district.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Statue of Liberty Sunset Cruise

We took the Statue of Liberty Sunset Cruise from the Downtown Circle Line departure point. It was beautiful! The wind on the boat was so nice and warm, and there were so many other boats out on the water. Devoting an entire post to all the pics!