Friday, March 31, 2017

Bye Bye March... Hurry Up April!

The last day of March is here! This means that tomorrow is the start of AWESOME APRIL! The month in which I'm going to become an aunt!!!! My sis will be 39 weeks pregnant this Sunday. So we're all holding our breaths, waiting to see when baby will be coming! So much of excitement and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Before today I've been feeling less tired than last week, so that's been nice. Today however the week's activities have caught up with me feeling pretty flat. Trying not to do much and watching The Walking Dead. Good way to end a busy week I guess.

Last Saturday Chris and I went out for lamb and a cocktail at Turn 'n Tender in Parktown, which was amazing. On Monday I saw my Dermatologist, (she freezed off five little warts - two on my face and three on my chest... these are side-effects of my immunosuppressants that I take) and had lunch with my sis who is on maternity leave now at Paul in Melrose Arch. On Tuesday I had bio and bought some wool for my next crochet project. On Wednesday I went for blood tests (I was supposed to see my lung Dr yesterday but my appointment got moved) and my dad took me and my sis out for lunch! Yesterday I had bio again, followed by spending some more time with my sis... doing a bit of shopping... and Chris and I went to see a movie late yesterday afternoon. So the week as flown by!

Today has been a political shit-storm in SA after the president  reshuffled his cabinet and screwed over the country... in a nutshell. This after one of the men who fought for the freedom of this country and was in prison with Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada died and was buried this week as well. I drove past the funeral on Wednesday and it gave me goosebumps. The below statement made by Jonathan Jansen was very touching and sums it up pretty well. It's so sad how one man can care so little and mess up a country so badly, as he seems set on doing. As I do with almost everything in life, I thought back to what the political situation was in 2008 (because apart from getting my lungs in Jan that year, I see 2008 as the year I would have died... so I often think about what's happened since then. Thabo Mbeki was still president, COPE hadn't been formed yet, the EFF didn't exist, Mandela was still alive obviously... I don't follow politics a hell of a lot but bottom line is a LOT has happened! A little worried about what the next 9 years will bring.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lungaversary Day Again

Another lungaversary! Nine years two months. Or as Chris tells me 110 months. These poor lungies are pushing so hard to keep me going, and doing a great job. Love them SO MUCH. Feeling really exhausted :-( Waking up with a headache and more tired than I was going to bed. Hopefully one of those random "feeling crap" weeks that randomly seem to happen and resolve itself again.

We got back from Magaliesburg yesterday, where we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday. We spent 4 nights in a very comfy cottage with great views. It was perfect for our current situation, as it's only about 90 mins outside Johannesburg, it was small enough for my oxygen pipe to reach everywhere, even outside. My sis was 37 weeks pregnant on Sunday! Only 2 or 3 weeks left to go :-) Did a few small walks with my portable O2 as well, which was nice. Check out the amazing pics...

The other cool thing I did last week was to go to the new Paul in Melrose Arch with Andrew! The first South African version opened very recently (it's European... I've seen it in London before). I wasn't disappointed, the food was GREAT! Go there if you haven't yet and are in Jozi!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another week done and dusted

Can't believe it's already Sunday evening again! Some weeks just run away with you! My sis is 36 weeks pregnant today!!! In a month's time the baby will be here!!!! SO EXCITING!! We went to Mall of Africa yesterday and she slept over by us as Pierre was away for work.

This past week I was really busy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... On Monday I went to the movies and lunch with a friend at Rosebank. Watched Manchester By Sea... Thought it was a really good movie. Rather sad but good. On Tuesday evening we went out to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday... Had Indian food at Taste Of Punjab. Was very nice. It was a surprise as he thought him and my mom were going out for supper alone. On Wednesday we were busy with Love Life; Gift Life stuff the whole day.

I probably overdid it, as by Thursday I was DEAD tired. Couldn't do much at bio, and just went home to crash in from of the TV. Friday was also just spent relaxing with the cats and recovering.

Coloured in a bit for a change. Tired of crocheting right now (although we're going away next weekend so will be doing some crocheting then). Have managed to read 4 books this year already and super impressed with myself about that. It's already 3 more than I did last year. I used to read a hell of a lot when I was in school. However the last few years I haven't had the time to read much, and when I did, I struggled to pay attention and there was too many distractions. The next challenge would be to play piano again but I'm DEFINITELY not ready for that challenge yet! 

Hoping this week goes by quickly as well, as we're going away for a long-weekend  on Friday to carry on celebrating my dad's 60th. Not going far, just to Magaliesburg which is roughly 90 mins away. Definitely need to take some boardgames with... one daughter will be super pregnant and the other daughter will be super unable to breathe well, so chilling out will be the nr one activity! On Monday I saw the below scratch out tourist map of New York on sale, and I HAD to buy it. Going to Ney York one day is on my bucket-list of things to do! I believe that one day I will be able to!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy 60th Birthday to my dad!

Today a legend turns 60!!!! Baie geluk met Pappa se verjaarsdag, ek hoop dis die beste jaar ooit!

This weekend we also celebrated Fawny's lungaversary. Four years!!!! Have been lucky enough to celebrate each one with her. We had lunch at De Vette Mossel at Hartebeespoort Dam. very nice and different seafood place with a West Coast vibe. The below pics and video wraps it up perfectly:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anto's 3 day visit

My friend from school, Antoinette (who later became friends with my sis as well) came up from PE for the Baby Shower this weekend. It was a surprise! And a very nice distraction after the "anxiety/feeling like crap" experience of the preceding few days. I picked her up at the Gautrain on Friday morning. The first stop was Krispy Kreme, as they don't have one in PE and all my Instagram doughnut pics have been driving her mad! It was followed by Starbucks (also not on the radar for PE anytime soon), and then back to Krispy Kreme for some stock for the rest of the weekend!

At Starbucks I had a slightly more interesting oxygen encounter than the usual... the barista asked me if he should write Hazel Grace on my cup... at first I thought I misheard him, and then I didn't know what the hell he was on about, until A pointed out that he is referencing the character from "The Fault in Our Stars". I've only watched it once, and it was rather depressing, so not the biggest fan, but told him I clearly need to watch it again! He obviously shared my feelings because he said "It's too sad". Oh well, I guess if the movie created awareness for people wearing O2 then that's a good thing. He probably thinks I have lung cancer like she did... oops.

On Friday night we met up with Andrew at Craft for a nice supper. I was so stuffed from all the other food we ate I could only do a salad! Sat was the big day,,,, we went to Lifestyle centre for breakfast and to pick up the balloons that I'd ordered. Had my favourite brekkie there... the paw paw crumble. We also bought some bonsai stuff.... as I have one that needs to be repotted, and would like to fill up the empty pot again. Only got the gravel, soil and bigger pot for now.

The baby shower detail you saw in the previous post so not going into that again. On Sunday we did some shopping at Cresta... I bought a little book on Bonsai for beginners, Should help me to take better care of mine and help me when I replace the empty pot! My list of hobby's are increasing! Crochet, Colouring In, Orchid-ing, Bonsai-ing... and of course co-founding NPO's! Can I add all of that to my CV one day???? On Monday morning I dropped A off at the Gautrain again, and spent the rest of the day sorting out the house.

Tomorrow (and yesterday) is/was bio, meeting up with Andrew afterwards. Then the most exciting is Fawn's four year Lungaversary Party on Sunday! Going to a place out towards Harties that I've been wanting to go to for a while. Very excited about that. Have a great weekend!