Friday, March 31, 2017

Bye Bye March... Hurry Up April!

The last day of March is here! This means that tomorrow is the start of AWESOME APRIL! The month in which I'm going to become an aunt!!!! My sis will be 39 weeks pregnant this Sunday. So we're all holding our breaths, waiting to see when baby will be coming! So much of excitement and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Before today I've been feeling less tired than last week, so that's been nice. Today however the week's activities have caught up with me feeling pretty flat. Trying not to do much and watching The Walking Dead. Good way to end a busy week I guess.

Last Saturday Chris and I went out for lamb and a cocktail at Turn 'n Tender in Parktown, which was amazing. On Monday I saw my Dermatologist, (she freezed off five little warts - two on my face and three on my chest... these are side-effects of my immunosuppressants that I take) and had lunch with my sis who is on maternity leave now at Paul in Melrose Arch. On Tuesday I had bio and bought some wool for my next crochet project. On Wednesday I went for blood tests (I was supposed to see my lung Dr yesterday but my appointment got moved) and my dad took me and my sis out for lunch! Yesterday I had bio again, followed by spending some more time with my sis... doing a bit of shopping... and Chris and I went to see a movie late yesterday afternoon. So the week as flown by!

Today has been a political shit-storm in SA after the president  reshuffled his cabinet and screwed over the country... in a nutshell. This after one of the men who fought for the freedom of this country and was in prison with Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada died and was buried this week as well. I drove past the funeral on Wednesday and it gave me goosebumps. The below statement made by Jonathan Jansen was very touching and sums it up pretty well. It's so sad how one man can care so little and mess up a country so badly, as he seems set on doing. As I do with almost everything in life, I thought back to what the political situation was in 2008 (because apart from getting my lungs in Jan that year, I see 2008 as the year I would have died... so I often think about what's happened since then. Thabo Mbeki was still president, COPE hadn't been formed yet, the EFF didn't exist, Mandela was still alive obviously... I don't follow politics a hell of a lot but bottom line is a LOT has happened! A little worried about what the next 9 years will bring.


Lapc Salinas said...

Interesting post, Alice. I don't follow SA politics, as it's not much in the news here. Our country is in chaos now with President Trump in charge. He doesn't have a clue about governing -- just cares about money (his), big business, and people who cater to him, like his family and some other billionaires. It's pretty scary, really. I just trust that God allowed this situation and that He is in charge of everything. That is where I put my hope.

Excited for your family with the new addition soon to be born! Praying all goes well and that mama and baby are healthy.

Alice said...

Our president has a lot in common with Trump actually.... but worse! Thank you for the well-wishes!!! I will pass them on!