Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anto's 3 day visit

My friend from school, Antoinette (who later became friends with my sis as well) came up from PE for the Baby Shower this weekend. It was a surprise! And a very nice distraction after the "anxiety/feeling like crap" experience of the preceding few days. I picked her up at the Gautrain on Friday morning. The first stop was Krispy Kreme, as they don't have one in PE and all my Instagram doughnut pics have been driving her mad! It was followed by Starbucks (also not on the radar for PE anytime soon), and then back to Krispy Kreme for some stock for the rest of the weekend!

At Starbucks I had a slightly more interesting oxygen encounter than the usual... the barista asked me if he should write Hazel Grace on my cup... at first I thought I misheard him, and then I didn't know what the hell he was on about, until A pointed out that he is referencing the character from "The Fault in Our Stars". I've only watched it once, and it was rather depressing, so not the biggest fan, but told him I clearly need to watch it again! He obviously shared my feelings because he said "It's too sad". Oh well, I guess if the movie created awareness for people wearing O2 then that's a good thing. He probably thinks I have lung cancer like she did... oops.

On Friday night we met up with Andrew at Craft for a nice supper. I was so stuffed from all the other food we ate I could only do a salad! Sat was the big day,,,, we went to Lifestyle centre for breakfast and to pick up the balloons that I'd ordered. Had my favourite brekkie there... the paw paw crumble. We also bought some bonsai stuff.... as I have one that needs to be repotted, and would like to fill up the empty pot again. Only got the gravel, soil and bigger pot for now.

The baby shower detail you saw in the previous post so not going into that again. On Sunday we did some shopping at Cresta... I bought a little book on Bonsai for beginners, Should help me to take better care of mine and help me when I replace the empty pot! My list of hobby's are increasing! Crochet, Colouring In, Orchid-ing, Bonsai-ing... and of course co-founding NPO's! Can I add all of that to my CV one day???? On Monday morning I dropped A off at the Gautrain again, and spent the rest of the day sorting out the house.

Tomorrow (and yesterday) is/was bio, meeting up with Andrew afterwards. Then the most exciting is Fawn's four year Lungaversary Party on Sunday! Going to a place out towards Harties that I've been wanting to go to for a while. Very excited about that. Have a great weekend!

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