Thursday, January 31, 2013

Preliminary Biopsy Results

So the preliminary results are showing... wait for it... NOTHING. I guess that's good in the sense that there's nothing outright majorly WRONG, but also gives us no answer as to why the lung function dropped. Dr said he's going to change my meds so will hear more tomorrow. Going to work half-day tomorrow and then appointment in the afternoon. Please pray that lung function better than on Monday!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Got discharged yesterday and am back home. Feeling a bit like a train drove over me, tired and body aching (guessing from coming off the steroids). Not fun going into hosp feeling 100% and coming out feeling a bit miserabe! So far no results back yet, CT scans/x-rays and bloods showed nothing much so just trying to wait patienty for biopsy results. Will be going for more lung function tests on Friday (on Monday it was 83% so not much change from last Friday). Dr will probably change some of my meds and please pray for better lung functions on Friday (or at least not WORSE ones!).

Going back to work on Monday if all goes according to plan.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the hosp... :-(:-(:-(

Trying to post this from my phone... Lung func test didnt go as planned yesterday and I was admitted for treatment (steroids for 3 days). My Dr is assuming it's rejection but will have biopsy in the week.

Really frustrating as I feel so well at the moment. Oh well not much I can do apart from wait it out :-( Will update if anything changes. What crappy timing just after I celebrated 5 yrs.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Officially 5 years now...

I made it! I'm one of the 50% of people who survived 5 years post transplant. I remember when Dr Williams told me that statistic 6 years ago and I told him that I'll just have to improve those stats. I also figured that even though those are really crappy stats, I didn't have a choice a the time! I'm REALLY REALLY glad to be here today!

Unfortunately this week (apart from last night) hasn't been too great :-( On Monday my check-up was rather disappointing. We were late (Chris came with me) and I literally ran to the Drs-rooms and into the lung function machine. I only blew 85% FEV1% :-( That's like 10% less than the last time in Oct... I really feel great though (and all bloods and x-rays were fine) so Dr said I should come back on Friday to try again. It may be a technical issue or something to do with my Nissen operation or a bad day or whatever. Killed myself at gym today and can't feel any difference to previously so hoping for a good result on Friday.... not a geat week for my blood pressure! Work has been crazy too and I didn't rest much last weekend as I was in Durban for a WTG 2013 meeting. Last night was great at least... we went out with my mom and dad to Wombles, which has the BEST STEAK in Joburg. Really fantastic place with super service. Definitely only for special occasions though!

At least my leave for the end of March has been approved to that's a nice break to look forward to, we're going down to PE for a wedding and also to "our" honeymoon place, Storms River Mouth. Going to be a much needed break!

Wish me luck for Friday....

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fantastic 5th anniversary party!

Saturday night's lungaversary party was great! The food was yummy, the weather was great, the company was the BEST and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves! It was pretty overwhelming how far some of my friends travelled to be here! Ditha flew from PE, Carli flew from Cape Town, Louzanne changed her plans and flights in order to be here and even my little sis extended her holiday, took 3 extra days leave and changed her flight back!! So I was a bit worried that the evening would be boring, but thankfully it wasn't!!! The cake was also a hit, asked a fellow CF'er who does this sort of thing to bake me the cake and was so impressed! It was perfect... a lung-cake without being gross!
Next week Monday is my 3-monthly lung check-up & bloods & x-rays. Sure all will be fine and will be special to have the check-up on the eve of my actual lungaversay on the 22nd!!!! But all in all a fantastic start to the big 5-year/50% milestone! P.S blogger is having an issue uploading pics, it takes forever and you can only do one at a time, so will post the rest of the pics once the problem has been sorted!

Some pics of this weekend's party!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013


So Chris and I havent had the best start to the year! On Monday Chris got food poisoning from chicken he ate on Sunday night and ended up in casualty (ER). On Wednesday he tore a calf muscle on the squash court. And on Friday I also picked up some sort of tummy bug. Luckily I didn't need a trip to hospital! At least we're all good now, apart from his calf muscle but that will heal in time.

In a week's time it's my 5 year lungaversary party! Can't wait but also a bit nervous, just hope everything works out and everyone has a good time! 3 Friends are flyig up to attend and my sister extended her stay with a week in order to be there. Lots of pressure for a great night!!!!!