Monday, January 14, 2013

Fantastic 5th anniversary party!

Saturday night's lungaversary party was great! The food was yummy, the weather was great, the company was the BEST and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves! It was pretty overwhelming how far some of my friends travelled to be here! Ditha flew from PE, Carli flew from Cape Town, Louzanne changed her plans and flights in order to be here and even my little sis extended her holiday, took 3 extra days leave and changed her flight back!! So I was a bit worried that the evening would be boring, but thankfully it wasn't!!! The cake was also a hit, asked a fellow CF'er who does this sort of thing to bake me the cake and was so impressed! It was perfect... a lung-cake without being gross!
Next week Monday is my 3-monthly lung check-up & bloods & x-rays. Sure all will be fine and will be special to have the check-up on the eve of my actual lungaversay on the 22nd!!!! But all in all a fantastic start to the big 5-year/50% milestone! P.S blogger is having an issue uploading pics, it takes forever and you can only do one at a time, so will post the rest of the pics once the problem has been sorted!

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Anonymous said...

180Dear Ali, So sorry i wasn't able to share your celebration. AS