Saturday, January 5, 2013


So Chris and I havent had the best start to the year! On Monday Chris got food poisoning from chicken he ate on Sunday night and ended up in casualty (ER). On Wednesday he tore a calf muscle on the squash court. And on Friday I also picked up some sort of tummy bug. Luckily I didn't need a trip to hospital! At least we're all good now, apart from his calf muscle but that will heal in time.

In a week's time it's my 5 year lungaversary party! Can't wait but also a bit nervous, just hope everything works out and everyone has a good time! 3 Friends are flyig up to attend and my sister extended her stay with a week in order to be there. Lots of pressure for a great night!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice. Best wishes for you on your 5th anniversary with new lungs! I'm a grandma from the USA who is an old friend of Tricia's mom. I started reading your blog after I learned about it on Nate's blog 5 years ago. It's wonderful to see you living a full and happy life. I'll keep checking in....

Alice said...