Thursday, June 11, 2015

California Countdown.... ONE MONTH TO GO

Needless to say this week has been a ROUGH one. Jenna's death devastation emotional roller-coaster, and Charlene's AWESOME transplant recovery updates that have been such an upliftment on the other hand. My mom's birthday was yesterday, and we had a nice evening at their house. Afterwards I did and interview for the Saturday Star newspaper, that will be featured in this weekend's edition. Got to bed really late and struggled to fall asleep... thinking about Jenna and Charlene and trying to figure out why my transplant was so easy and basically just suffering some survivors guilt as one does. I added a very touching radio interview with Jenna's mom to my previous blog post (at the bottom). Listened to it this morning and it was so raw and honest.

Work has been super busy, but that means the days fly by, which is a good thing. In exactly a month's time we arrive at San Francisco airport!!!! Doesn't quite feel real yet to be honest. And rather depressing to see the rand weaken against the dollar :-/ But nothing will spoil our fun.

Back to Charlene... she is a rockstar.... see pic below taken 2 weeks after her op. Just waiting for the last 2 drains to stop draining, and then she is well on her way to going home :-) Went to visit her yesterday and it was great. WELL DONE CHARLENE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and you are truly an inspiration and you have a gift with writing.
Lots of Love

Alice said...

Thank you :-)