Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Food yummy food and gym/lung antics

Our weekend was pretty nice and PRODUCTIVE. FINALLY took all the cats to the vet to get their annual shots and even some de-worming meds thrown in there for good measure (not that they have worms or fleas or ANYTHING.... super clean kitties..... #justsaying).

Also bought a lot of the items we need for our trip, like foood requests from Anna and Casey, cat food in BULK, hand sanitisers, toiletries....Not much left to buy now! And yay for pay-day this coming weekend :-/

Also, had very much of a foodie weekend.... Made prawns for the first time with my sis (from scratch)!! Was a bit nervous but it came out DELICIOUSLY. Then in the evening the boys made us Taco's, which were also devine, and on Sunday morning Chris made french toast and bacon with Maple syrup. Mouth watering just from seeing these pics again! Plus last night I had sushi which was AMAZING too..... I love food.

With regards to the gym thing.... I went to gym twice this weekend... and my lungs really feel better than they have in MANY months. I don't need to catch my breath after EVERY set of weights etc that I do. And I can climb the billion stairs to the entrance of the gym without feeling like I might seriously pass out like before. Very strange, but GREAT obviously. Going to try and go more regularly again to build some more muscle. and that should be easier seeing as it's less depressing to drag my ass there! Very curious to see what lung function is after USA trip when I go for that again.

Today is a public holiday, and we're going to Potch for the day (smallish town about an hour and a half away) where bestie Louzanne (whose BRIDESMAID I will be in December!!!!!!) and her fiance are visiting her parents at the moment. Very excited to see them!


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