Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Angel Island and Alcatraz - a must see!!!

Today we did a ferry tour of Angel Island and Alcatraz departing at Pier 33 in the City. We had the most BRILLIANTLY amazing weather for San Fran. I might even have gotten a bit of a sunburn! We will see tomorrow. It was our last adventure together but soooo worth it. TIP: DO ANGEL ISLAND AS WELL!!!!


Sherry Boyle said...

Brings back fond memories! I used to take some of my students to Alcatraz each year. And I have bicycled (years ago) around Angel Island a few times. It's just about 5 miles and you can take bikes on the Sausalito ferry. Or at least you could then. I don't know if they still do that. Sure was fun, though.

Alice said...

Cycling around the island sounds like fun!!! But it would definitely have to be a cooler day than the one we had!!!!