Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fantastic Weekend with fantastic people

This weekend was AMAZING and such a treat before our trip. On Friday I met up with Joey and Ditha at Sandton City (they went there with Gautrain when they landed earlier in the day), and after putting their bags in my car we shopped a bit. They had a taste of Sandton traffic after that, and Fri eve we had a braai at Brendan's house. Only got to bed after midnight and with sore cheeks and a headache from all the laughing.

Yesterday morning we went to Neighborgoods market in the CBD, and had some amazing Thai food for brunch. No-one had energy for anything else after that so we just chilled on Brendan's couch and watched with movie Quartet with Maggie Smith. Rather cute movie. Andrew made us bobotie for supper at his place and we just had another all-round fab supper.

This morning we had brunch at Salvation Cafe, one of my favourite spots in Jozi. More yummy food was consumed. After that we went back to Sandton City as they boys also wanted to shop a bit (and us, of course, but I'm trying to be good for our trip). Had more delicious lemon meringue :-) After that we went to Brendan's house again for another movie, First Wife's Club... Haven't seen that in like decades.

So definitely one of the best weekends this year so far. Given me lots of mental energy for the week ahead, although voice suffering from too much talking and laughing since end of last week!

Five more days of work and trip arrangements.... we can do this!

P.S. I uploaded the pics directly from phone, don't know why they won't we in the CENTRE of the page like I'm asking them to be.... gggrrrrr

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