Thursday, July 23, 2015

General California visit update

So as you can see from the pics we did San Fran, Golden Gate and Great America amusement park so far this week. Today we head up to Anna's parents' house in a small place called Murphy's, close to Yosemite Park. VERY VERY excited about seeing her parents again (we met them at the WTG in Durban in 2013) and see the area. Also excited about seeing a different side of California too.

Yesterday was also our lungaversaries! 7 and a half years for me and 4 years 8 months for Anna. We took some pics to celebrate:

Feeling very very blessed and fortunate to be here, health is feeling great. Thank you God for this privilege! Hope my donor can look down at me and be proud of me. On that note, also very very excited because a CF friend of mine back home had his transplant this week. Praying all goes well and he can also live an amazing life with the new breathers.

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Sherry Boyle said...

Congratulations to both of you!! You look amazing and I am so honored to have met you in person! Have a wonderful time in the Sierras. It's beautiful there, too.