Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend and gym

Not much happened in the last week. Only major thing that did happen is that I went back to gym on Monday after WEEKS off. It was unbelievably tough!!! Thought I might pass out or something. Went again on Thursday and Sat and it was a little better at least. In 10 days time I will be doing lung functions again so we will see if they are down or exactly how unfit I am!
This weekend has been pretty good. Apart from gym we also had a "potjiekos" as one of my university friends' house that he recently bought. It involved quite a lot of gin and tonic and was a pretty fun evening. Today I felt a bit hung-over so didn't do anything productive! Just went to visit a CF friend in hosp and went out for some cake (well I had cake!) with a friend in afternoon.
Not particularly looking forward to this week... but need to survive it in order to be closer to next week when I have my last photopheresis and in 3 weeks time I'm off to Cape Town for the 30th birthday of one of my closest and dearest friends Louzanne!

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