Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last week in my 20's!

5 days to go till my birthday!!!! Stressing a bit about the weather as there is (another) cold front due!! Seems like the worst will be on Friday... but hoping it comes sooner so that it will be over sooner!!! Food is all organised now at least... and decor. Eeeekkkkkk!!!!

Work has been BUSY. Didn't work late today luckily but feel like the whole of Aug has been "month-end" and there has been no "quiet" period... and next week is actual month-end all over again!!! Barely getting time for gym!! Had discus training again today, went pretty well.

Thursday is lung check-up again, and luckily one of my CF friends from PE, Gail, is scheduled to see Dr same day so that's great! Hopefully that goes well.

Past weekend was very good... Nice evening on Friday night meeting some new people! Lovely lunch on Sat with Aviva, Food shopping for party, Sunday lunch with parents, gym, gardening...... might explain why I was SOOOO tired on Monday morning!

Below 2 random pics I took this week... driving to work.... and my one yellow Clivia plant in bloom (rest are all orange).

P.S. excuse the ADHD-ness of this post.... it's what my life feels like right now!

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