Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Food Poisoning and Exercising

So yesterday I ate left-over food from Sunday that had gone off... it lead to a) discovering my Nissen Funduplication Op 2 years ago for reflux was very successful - I CAN NOT vomit!!! b) ending up in Casualty on a drip. It really is a horrible horrible feeling when your body is trying to rid itself of food you ate but it cannot. All the muscles in my upper body hurts today!!! Luckily I wasn't admitted and felt much better after some IV pain and nausea meds I could go home. Stayed home from work today and rested.

I'm also seriously preparing for the National Games now and have upped my weights at the gym and started my coaching! Party planning also going well... looking forward to it. But lots that needs to happen before then.

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