Friday, August 1, 2014


It's the crazy happy month of August!! Let's see... Wedding Anniversary on the 7th, speaking at Fawn's Charitea on the 9th, spring starts, it's Organ Donation awareness month AND my last month of being a 20-something year old!!! So a very exciting month!!

A year ago (well on the 12th of Aug) I started photopheresis. A pretty scary time. Today I'm pretty proud to say that I completed 24 sessions of it without any catheters or ports and such permanent lines (well done veins!!!), and didn't stop working, even though the vibe that I got from facebook support groups is that working while having this is nearly impossible as it makes you sooo tired and immune supressed etc. So that's great.

Had a very medical week... Had gynae check-up that went very well... no abnormal cells (in 2009-2011 I had about 3 cauterisation and other procedures on my cervix due to abnormal cells that could become cancerous) I have known post transplant people who have died from cancer so it was a worry. However all has been good since then and last 2 pap smears were NORMAL. Dr is "chuffed". So yay!

The bone density also went well. My previous one was about 8 or 9 years ago, in PE, so they couldn't compare the results accurately, but from what I can remember it has improved as my Dr thought it would. This is due to exercise and being much more active than all those years ago and being on less steroids since transplant than I used to be on pre-transplant. I have also been on meds for bone density before but at the moment all I have been prescribed are Calcium and Vit D, plus exercise. So that's also great news.

Dentist had to replace 2 old fillings. Was the least "fun" medical visit. Still feels weird now when I bite down and might have to go back to have something adjusted if it doesn't get better. Annoying but as far as medical problems go not a biggie.

Tomorrow I'm going to the quaterly transplant network meeting, and gym. Sunday having nice lunch with special friends, Not much else planned.

Have a good weekend!!!


Mizasiwa said...

Happy birthday month. Alice!

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Sherry Boyle said...

Lots of good news! Praise God for answered prayers!