Sunday, April 6, 2014

6 sleeps...

Almost there... 6 sleeps to go till holiday from heaven. Last week felt like a week from hell. Monday's photopheresis hit me on Wednesday and throat was soooo sore and just felt sick. Whole week was also spent working late with month-end. And battles with Discovery medical aid regarding 3 of my photo sessions last year. Eventually I took to complaining on twitter and got 2 calls immediately so hoping they sort their crap out now.

This weekend has been OK... highlight was shopping with a friend. Got flu shot too, did lots of laundry and cleaning, and had to go in to work this morning :-( Just too much to get through this coming week still so tried to take some of the load off.

Coming week will obviously be filled by WORK WORK WORK, and making sure we have everything for our trip, including getting a script for malaria pills for the second part of our holiday at Mapungubwe and shopping for Storms. Also need to renew my car licence disk and do some LONG procrastinated body corporate stuff. Going to be DEAD tired by end of week! And then another set of photo just to put cherry on top on Friday!! Just holiday is just in time of I would be heading for a nervous brakedown.


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